Thank You For Loving Me (by rosecartwright)


Summary:  Joe goes to visit his Pa and brothers one summers day leaving his wife and child alone for the day. What will the Cartwright’s do when one of their own is injured and one is missing? Will Joe do whatever it takes to get his wife back or will he listen to Pa and have the sheriff help? What will they do when things start to go for the worse?

Rated: K (11,190 words)

Thank You For Loving Me 


It was the first day of Summer when I was out in the field heading towards Pa’s house. I knew Adam and Hoss would be awake since Hop Sing loves to wake them all up with the smell of breakfast being made. Rose, my wife, woke me up to a great breakfast before I headed out. She makes the second best scrambled eggs. Now don’t tell her I said that because she is my wife and all.

As I stopped Cochise to take in a lung full of fresh Summer’s air I saw what looked to be animal tracks on the ground below Cochise. I slowly got off him and checked them out and noticed they were Wolf tracks. I sighed and hoped the wolf or wolves wouldn’t go towards the house where Rose and the baby are. I wanted to bring them along so Pa could see his granddaughter but Rose insisted that I went alone this time to hang out with the family and have alone time.

I climbed back onto Cochise, “Come on boy let’s go see Pa, Adam and Hoss and tell them about the wolf tracks.” I nudged him in the sides and he started heading towards Pa’s house. I honestly think he could walk this trail blinded.

I finally made it to the house and heard from inside, “But Pa, why do we get more chores, we have ranch hands to do them?” from Hoss.

I got off Cochise and heard Pa say, “because it’s your chores, not theirs Hoss.” I chuckled and went inside.

“Yeah Hoss, they are your chores,” I said with a chuckle and got arms around me from Pa, “Hey Pa.”

“Hello Joseph, it’s been a while since you last came to visit, is everything alright?” Pa replied.

“Yeah, everything’s good, Rose is doing good, Hope’s doing good,” I replied as I sat on the couch. Hop Sing brought out some coffee, “Thanks Hop Sing.” He nodded and went to the kitchen.

“Where are the girls?” Adam asked as he sat next to the fire place.

“At home, Rose didn’t feel like coming out today, she has a small cold coming on,” I replied and he just nodded. The look in his eyes was telling me he knew something else was wrong.

“Well it’s a good thing your here Joe, we need extra help rounding up a few horses that got loose in the night,” Hoss told me and I chuckled.

“I had to do the same thing, Shadow got out somehow last night and I had to chase that rascal down this morning,” I said chuckling. Everyone else chuckled. I finished my coffee, “well let’s go get the horses then.”

“Let’s go,” Adam said and all four of us headed outside. I got onto Cochise while the rest got on their horses. We all rode off to the field where the horses were, “well there they are Pa, like I said,” Adam spoke up, kind of scaring me in a way since I have things on my mind at the moment.

“Well, let’s go and round up the horses,” Pa said and we all took off to the horses.

We got half way there when gun shots started going off. We all got off our horses and hid behind some rocks that were close by.

“Now what do people want besides the ranch or the horses?” Hoss asked no one in particular. We all shrugged, unsure on what anyone would want this time.

As we were behind the rocks someone yelled out “Cartwright!” All of us looked at each other unsure which one of us should answer.

“What?” Pa shouted back unsure on to answer the guy.

“These are our horses Cartwright,” the guy shouted back and that pissed Pa off since each one of our animals has our brand on it.

“That’s a lie, all those horses have my brand on them,” Pa shouted with anger in his eyes. We all slowly stood up to see who was there.

“Oh Shit,” I whispered but still got hit upside the head by Adam. I glared at him then put my gaze back on the guy.

“Well look who it is Pa, Little Joe Cartwright,” Mark, the one guy there said.

“Why yes it is, so Joe, tell me, hows the wife and daughter?” he asked and the four guys with him started laughing.

“Leave them out of this,” I ordered and they all started laughing harder. I was scared as hell right then and there. The guy, Mark, is Roses ex and he blames me for them two breaking up. But the truth is Rose was going to leave him before she even met me so I have no help in her breaking up with him.

“Joe, go to her,” Adam whispered to me and I ran to Cochise and swung onto him and started to ride off.

But I didn’t get to far from everyone when a gun went off and I felt the pain rushing through my body as I fell off Cochise. I was in agony from the shot. The next thing I knew the world went black not knowing if the victory was ours or not over the horses.

Rose was sitting in the house working on her needle point when their two dogs Beaufort and Munster started howling on the front porch. But this was a happy howl not one that means a stranger is there.


She put her needle point down and went to the window and saw Adam riding her way at a quick pace. She stepped onto the front porch just as he dismounted his horse Sport.


“Adam, is everything all right?” Rose asked seeing the sad look in Adam’s eyes.


“No Rose, Joe has been shot, I was told to come get you and Hope,” Adam told her and the tears built up in her eyes. She nodded and lead Adam inside who smiled at the sight of his niece sleeping peacefully in her cradle he made her.


“I’ll get Hope, I have a carrier for her that I hold onto in the front,” Rose said softly as she put the holder around her neck, placed one arm through the opening then placed the sleeping infant in the carrier.


“Let’s go, is Shadow in the barn?” Adam asked.


“Yes she is, I can get Jake and Mike to hook her to the buggy,” Rose replied and Adam nodded.


“Rose, going to visit?” Jake asked.


“Yes, can you hook the buggy up to Shadow and make it quick please?” Rose asked and he nodded and ran into the barn, brought Shadow out as Mike came around and helped hook the buggy up to her. Once the buggy was done Rose and Adam climbed in after Adam hooked Sport to the back of the buggy.


With a whip of the reins the horse headed towards The Ponderosa.


“Hop Sing was making a Stilton and Asiago soup when I left to get you, Joe was complaining it smelt bad,” Adam told her and she chuckled.


“I once tried to make a Stilton soup but it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, I guess I read my mothers writing wrong,” she told him and he grinned and they both laughed, “Let’s say I think that might be why Joe didn’t like the smell of it.”


“Probably, but he’s always bragging on how wonderful of a cook you are Rose,” Adam told her.


“Really?” she asked and he nodded in return. She was shocked about that, she could hardly cook anything with out it going wrong.


“Wow, I guess love sees no boundaries since I can hardly cook,” Rose told him.


Half way to the house Rose glanced around and saw a herd of wild Buffalo running in the field. She smiled and just watched them as they rode on towards the house more.


When they finally got to the house Hoss came out and took Hope for Rose and Adam helped Rose off the buggy. She ran inside and saw Joe, in pain as he laid on the sofa. She went over to his side and sat on the table.


“Rose?” Joe asked feeling a soft hand get placed on his cheek.


“Yes honey it’s me, Adam came and got Hope and I,” Rose told him in reply.


He slowly opened his eyes and a soft smile came to his face. She looked down at him and smiled in return. She wanted to ask who did this to him but at the same time she didn’t want to know.


“Who, who did this to you Joe?” She asked as he went to shift and stopped and winced in pain.


“Mark and them,” he whispered and the tears fell down her cheeks. She was in fear of losing her husband and having to raise their daughter with out a father.


“okay, now just stay quiet please honey,” she whispered back and Ben, Adam and Hoss all heard the pain in her voice from seeing her husband like this, “is the doctor on his way?”


“Yes, we sent out two of our hands to go fetch him,” Ben replied softly, “Rose, Joe will be okay.”


“I, I know he will be, just scared,” she replied and felt Ben place a strong hand on his shoulder. Joe slowly fell asleep from the pain he was having. Rose sat there holding his hand as she watched his chest slowly rise and fall. She didn’t dare to take her eyes off him, she was scared and felt useless right then.


“Mrs Rose, want coffee?” Hop Sing softly asked her.


“Yes, please Hop Sing,” she replied and glanced up at him. He had a soft smile on his face. He lightly nodded and left to the kitchen to get Rose some coffee.


A few moments later the doctor and a couple of the hands came in. Rose moved off the table so the doctor could get to work on Joe. Hoss took Hope upstairs and placed her in a cradle in Joe’s room when he stays.


Adam watched as Rose sat down in the chair and wasn’t about to allow the tears to fall anymore then they have. He went over and placed his hands on her shoulders and started to rub them, in a soothing way to calm her down a little. She just sat there and allowed Adam to do that. Her shoulders were hurting some also from the way she landed when she tripped and fell off the porch.


As the doctor was working on getting the bullet out of Joe the front door flew open and an unexpected enemy shows up and entered the room.



“Let him die, it’s her we want,” the guy said and everyone was scared for the lives of Rose and Joe.

Everyone was standing around in a protective way around Rose and Joe. Unsure on why they’d want Joe dead and Rose to go with them.
“Why do you want her?” Ben asked the stranger who entered the door.
“She’s my daughter,” he replied.
“What? I don’t even know you, my father passed away when I was four,” Rose told him holding her daughter close to her body.
The guy went to walk in but Ben, Hoss and Adam all drew their guns on him, “Get out of my house!” Ben orders.
“Not without Rose,” the guy demanded, “I have the papers to prove she’s my kin.”
He pulled them out of the inside pocket of his jacket and handed them to Ben. Ben took them and started to read them over.
“This makes no sense, the people she lived with had the same papers, these were altered,” Ben replied.
“No, they aren’t altered,” the guy grumbled, “Bring her in four hours to the carnival to the Camel display.” With that he left in a hurry.
“The freight train leaves an hour after that,” Joe spoke up in a shaky voice from the couch.
“I’m not going, he’s not my father!” Rose cried, “those papers aren’t worth to spit on.”
“Well, I’ll take them with Adam with me to the sheriff and see what he has to say about it dear,” Ben told her and she nodded in return as Hoss took his niece and placed her in the bassinet to sleep.
Ben and Adam left the house and headed to Virginia City to talk to Roy about what all is going on at the moment.
They arrived and headed straight to Roy’s office, “Ben, Adam, what brings you here?” Roy asks.
“These do, some guy came and said that Rose was his daughter, but these papers look to be altered,” Ben told him in reply.
Roy took the papers, “You can see that somehow the names of the parents have been changed, there’s a little bit of the before names showing,” Roy told him and his eyes went huge.
“What Roy?” Adam asked.
“This guy whose trying to take Rose, is the owner of the Salt mines in Texas, he’s a con man,” Roy told them and they both slowly sat down.
“Do you think he’s trying this to get more money?” Ben asked.
“Not sure to be honest, where does he want you to drop Rose off at?” Roy asked.
“The carnival at the Camel display,” Adam replied.
“Okay, I’ll go meet him there instead, bring him in for trying to con people out of their money, and for altering this birth certificate,” Roy told them, “you two go back home and keep an eye on Rose, Joe and the baby.”
“Will do,” they replied and got on their horses and raced home.
As time races on Rose was getting more scared as the clock on the wall ticked away the seconds as they passed.
“Baby, sit down,” Joe spoke softly. She nodded and did but kept her eyes on the time.
Meanwhile back in town a stranger broke into the sheriff’s office after Roy left to go have a drink. They found the birth certificate and the stranger started a fire in the small fire place and the stranger sets fire to the documents that were altered.

Rose, Joe and Hope were now up in Joe’s room at his fathers’ house.

“Joe, I am scared to death right now,” Rose cried into his shirt.

“I know honey, I know, but just think of it this way, with Pa, Hoss, Adam, Roy and all of our friends in Virginia City, you are one safe and very protected girl,” Joe told her and she chuckled.

“Yeah, you’re right, this time,” she joked and prayed the conman and his men wouldn’t come back any time soon. She also hoped and prayed that in the middle of the night no one would come and take her away.

She softly cried at that thought and Joe held her in his arms. Even though his side hurt he was more concerned about his wife at the moment and her safety.

Meanwhile at the Camel display at the circus the Con man was waiting for everyone to show up.

“Whose you?” the con man asked a man in all black and his hat was hanging low over his face.

“Adam Cartwright, you’re after my sister and just to let you know, if you try anything you’ll be dead in seconds, now, what do you want with Rose?” Adam asked knowing that he had about twenty men with guns pointed at the man with him.

“She’s my kin,” is all he said.

“No, try again,” Adam ordered drawing his gun.

“Fine, you win, I was going to take her back and sell her to a guy I know to be his house maid,” the guy admitted. Roy came up behind him and handcuffed him.

Ben came out from the one tent and chuckled, “Let’s go home son.” Adam nodded and they went to the house where Hoss was making sure no one he didn’t know wouldn’t enter.

Rose came downstairs and sat on the sofa, “you okay kid?” Hoss asked sitting next to her.

“Tired, but not tired, Joe and Hope are asleep and I for some reason couldn’t get to sleep,” she softly replied.

“I get that way myself Rose, but with you it’s probably because of all the worrying about the guy and his men coming back and everything,” Hoss told her.

“Yeah probably the reason I can’t sleep, that or because your kid brother is a bed hog,” she joked and Hoss figured out she’s in a little bit of a good mood.

“Yeah, he can be one can’t he?” Hoss asked, “Would you like some coffee Rosie?”

“Coffee would be wonderful right now Hoss,” she replied and heard Hope crying a little bit.

Then she heard, “Come on little lady, you’re all clean so let’s go down and find out where Mommy went,” from Joe. She looked at Hoss and smiled, he smiled back.

“Mommy ran away to get a bed with out a bed hog,” Rose called to Joe with a chuckle.

“Awe Hope you hear that Mommy is calling you a bed hog and you’re just a small little thing,” Joe said walking down the stairs with Hope in his arms.

“Not her, the big bed hog,” Rose said with a smile.

“Oh me?” he asked and she nodded. She was in a good mood but the look of fear was still written in her eyes, “Baby, those guys won’t ever step foot back onto this land. And I talked to Pa; he said we can move back in for a while if needed.”

“I’d feel safer with you coming here all the time and she and I were alone at the house,” Rose said, “how’s the side from being shot?”

“Sore as hell but I wanted to bring Hope down to you,” he said as he slowly sat on the couch after Rose took their daughter.

“Oh my poor baby, want me to kiss it and make it feel better?” Rose joked making Hoss and Hop Sing both laugh since Hop Sing was bringing cookies out to everyone and Hoss had the coffee and cups.

“Funny honey, you know if I wasn’t in a lot of pain I’d chase you and tickle you,” Joe told her.

“But, you wouldn’t with me holding Hope,” she said.

“You got me there,” he replied and slowly sipped at his coffee.

Ben, Adam and Roy came into the house and quickly closed the door since the wind was picking up a little.

“That wind is a little chilly today,” Roy spoke and saw the site of Joe, Rose and Hope all on the couch, “awe that is a good site to see.”

“Yeah it is Roy, even though Joseph should be in bed still,” Ben said and Joe sighed.

“He brought Hope down to me before I got a chance to get up there and get her,” Rose spoke up for Joe.

“Okay, well Joe, go back up and to bed, your wife and the rest of the family, even Roy, will help you out if you need something,” Ben said getting a nod from everyone.

“Okay, Okay I’m going, before I do, did you catch Mark and them?” Joe asked.

“Yes we did, they all are in jail and the guy who said Rose was his daughter admitted to Adam he was going to take her back and sell her to some guy to be his house maid,” Roy replied and saw the odd look in Roses eyes, “you okay Rose?”

“Yeah, just wondering why the guy would do that when he doesn’t even know me?” Rose replied and moved to the rocking chair Adam brought into the living room, “thank you Adam and Joe, bed, now.”

“Yes ma’am,” Joe said jokingly and slowly made his way back to bed.

Everyone was happy that the guy was put in jail but word was spreading around Virginia City that a wallet is stolen a few seconds before the men were captured.

“Well, I better head back to town and see if the circus is moving on since the owner said today was the last day, I’ll help them out again this year like I did last year on packing their things up, see you all later and Rose make sure that husband of yours stays in bed,” Roy said.

“Will do sir, if need I might send Adam to you to get a couple pairs of hand cuffs and make him stay in bed,” Rose joked.

“Okay, see you later then Adam since I know Joe will try getting out of bed again,” Roy joked back and they all laughed and waved as he left to go back to town.

“So, what to do now?” Rose asked with a yawn.

“To me it looks like you need to go up and to bed also young lady, I will watch my niece for you,” Adam told her taking Hope, “bed Rose.”

“Okay, after this last cup of coffee,” she said yawning and finished the last swallow of coffee and headed up to bed. The second she laid down next to her husband she was sound asleep.

Ben, Hoss and Adam all sat in the living room and drank their coffee as Hope was asleep in her Uncle Adam’s arms.

As they all were sitting there, Rose didn’t know what to say, she was thinking she should just surrender herself to the guys to keep her family safe. She really didn’t want to be the prisoner of a sick psycho like that guy but if it would keep her family safe she would do anything.

“Rose? Are you okay dear?” Ben asked making her come out of her thoughts.

“Yeah,” she replied with a nod.

Ben, Adam and Hoss all knew something was going on in her mind, she had a blank look in her eyes but none of them wanted to know, but at the same time they all wanted to know.

Roy came in with a chuckle, “well, I talked to a confederate soldier and he said he can help try and find the other guys that went missing when we caught the main guy of the group.”

“Okay, thanks Roy for the help,” Ben said as Roy sat on the couch.

“Anytime, Rose here is like family so, I’ll do what it takes to save her,” Roy replied with a chuckle making Rose chuckle in return.

“Yeah, you saved me many times from the iron fist of my father’s when he was alive,” Rose replied and tried to hide the yawn.

“Go to bed young lady, I’m making you a prisoner of your bed right now,” Roy spoke making Rose laugh, “There’s that laugh we all missed.”

“Funny but I think I might obey this time, I am tired,” Rose spoke up, “Night all, Adam do you have that bed in your room for her?”

“Yeah, I’ll put her to bed when I go up there for the night,” Adam replied, “and good night sis.”

“Night,” the other three in the room replied and watched as she went upstairs to become a prisoner of her bed, as Roy put it. The second she laid down she was asleep and inside an odd dream.

“Ahoy mates, land will be approaching us soon,” Pirate Adam spoke.

“Aye Adam, what do you want the maid cook do for supper?” Pirate Joe asked.

“Have the Maid Cook make up her specialty of crocodile stew!” Pirate Hoss suggested receiving a nod from Adam.

A small trumpet went off, “all rise, Captain Ben is here!” another pirate shouted making everyone rise.

Rose woke up and chuckled to herself and thought, ‘wow, what made me have that odd dream?’ she laid back down and tried to fall asleep but didn’t want the dream to finish itself out. It was a weird dream but a funny one seeing all the guys dressed up as pirates and talking like a pirate would.

“Well, I better head to the jail and keep an eye on those prisoners of mine, make sure no one has tried killing themselves or anything,” Roy replied, “if you need me just send Hoss or Adam.”

“Okay, night Roy,” Ben replied.

He nodded and left the house after getting a night from Hoss and Adam. He mounted his horse and rode to Virginia City. When he finally arrived at the jail house he went inside and found a sight he didn’t want to see.

The sight of his main prisoner, the guy who tried saying he was Roses father, was passed out dead on the floor.

Roy stood up after he checked for a pulse and searched the jail house to see if he could find any evidence on who did this or how he could have died. However, he found no such clues to the mystery of the guys death.

The mail man came in, “Roy, a response to the telegram came,” he told Roy handing it to him.

Roy opened it, “Roy, the man you have in custody is Roses real birth father, he went missing after the guy that was posing as Roses father hid him, we’re not sure where he was hidden or anything, let us know how we can help, the chief of San Francisco,” Roy read out loud.

“So, he was telling the truth?” they hear Rose ask from the door way, “I came to see if I could just talk to him and find out some stuff, but now I guess my questions will never get an answer.”

“Rose, go home dear, I’ll have Mark here ride home with you,” Roy said, “we’ll talk more tomorrow about everything.”

“Can I just crash here? I, I don’t feel like going back, I feel like a prisoner, not able to do much with whoever was working with him still out there,” Rose asked getting a nod from Roy.

“I’ll get you a room at the hotel, have Mark rush a note to Ben as I stay in the room, then Mark will stay in there on the couch to keep you safe,” Roy said and she nodded as she glanced around, “what the heck?” she asked as she picked up a locket from the floor.

“Rose, what is it?” Roy asked.

“This, this is my mothers,” she said with a confused look in her eyes.

Rose was standing in the sheriffs office holding the locket, “Roy, can I send a letter out to my Aunt? She might know why he has my mother’s locket?” Rose asked.

“Yeah,” was all Roy replied and gave her a piece of paper and a pencil to write out the note.

Rose sat down and started writing; this is what she wrote;

“Aunt Betty,

How are things there in San Diego? Hopefully things are good, we’re all doing good here, Hope is a hand full but she’s just like her dad on that one. Anyway the reason I am writing is, well, my real father was killed today and I was wondering why he had mothers locket. Would you know why he had it? Is she still alive? If she is could you bring her to Virginia City? I would love to see her if she is still alive that is. Well, I’ll make this short, love you Aunty, and love Rosie.”

“Mark, take Rose to the telegraphers office and have it sent out right away,” Roy ordered.

Mark nodded and took Rose to the office and she looked at Scott the guy behind the counter, “I need a telegraph sent right away to a Betty Montgomery in San Diego please,” Rose told Scott.

“What’s the letter?” Scott asked and Rose handed him the note, “I’ll send it right away and when I get a reply you’ll be the second to know, of course I’ll be the first.”

Rose chuckled, “okay thanks Scott, well Mark, would you be willing to take me to the hotel then send Ben the note letting him know I am staying here at the hotel?”

“Yes Ma’am I will be honored to walk such a beautiful lady to the hotel,” Mark replied and chuckled when he saw Rose’s cheeks turn a light red. He held his arm out for her allowing her to take it. After she placed her arm around his the two of them stepped out of the office they were in and ran to the hotel incase the guys were still around town.

“Rosemary, you have this room, here’s a key to it, Mark here’s a letter to take to Ben, just let him know also that Rose came into town to do a little shopping and I told her to take the hotel, knowing Rose here she let at least Adam know that she was coming into town,” Roy told Mark handing him a piece of paper.

Mark took it and with a nod he left the hotel.

Roy led Rose up to the room and helped her into the room.

Rose sat on the bed with a sigh and tried not to fall asleep.

“When we get word from your Aunt I will bring the letter over, now, you get some sleep and I will be right here on the couch,” Roy told her getting a nod from her.

Three long days later Ben, Hoss, Joe and Adam were all sitting in the living room when there was a knock on the door. Ben got up and carried his grand daughter to the door and slowly opened it.

“Hello Roy, come on in,” Ben greeted with a smile.

“Thanks Ben, I got a letter here for Rosie,” Roy said and Rose took the paper after he handed it out to her.

“Thanks Roy,” Rose said and slowly opened the letter.

The words were staring at her and this is what she read;

“Rosie dear,

Everything here is going wonderful, it’s good to hear from you and most babies are handfuls dear, you’ll get the hang of it. To answer your questions; your mother is alive and healthy, when I told her I got word from you she smiled and started packing her stuff. In a week or so we should be arriving at Virginia City, your mother said she’d love to move there so she can see you, if you don’t mind that is. Also she said she has a wedding gift for you and your husband and she can’t wait to meet your in-laws and her granddaughter. Well, I’ll let you go, we all love you here and can’t wait to see you since of course Cookie and Patches will be coming along oh and your mom has a few more surprises, can’t say what they are but you’ll love them. Talk to you when we get there,

With Love,
Aunty Betty.”

“YES!” Rose called with a smile on her face.

“What honey?” Joe asked kindly.

“My mother, aunt and my two dogs are moving to Virginia City,” Rose told everyone that are in the living room with a huge smile on her face.

“Your mother is alive?” Roy asked.

Rose nodded, “yes and your only sister will be living in Virginia City,” Rose told him and the two of them hugged.

The day finally came when Roses mother came to Virginia City to live. The whole family, including the Cartwright’s were at the spot the stage will be arriving.

Rose was pacing the sidewalk, not only for being nervous about her mother showing up but, also to help put her daughter Hope to sleep. Hope was fighting the sleep but, with mommy pacing back and forth and the soft humming she was doing was slowly putting the sleepy child asleep.

“Honey, the stage is coming,” Joe called making Rose jump.

She handed their daughter over and Rose stood there waiting. Her nerves were getting the best of her when the carriage came to a stop.

The driver jumped down from his spot and opened the door and two dogs jumped out of the carriage.

Rose smiled and whistled and the dogs went to her and she hugged them both, “Monster, Cowboy, God it is wonderful to see my puppies again,” she greeted as she hugged them.

“Cowboy missed you darling,” she heard a familiar voice softly tell her.

She looked and saw her Aunt Betty there, “Aunty!” she called and gave her a huge hug after she was out of the carriage.

“Oh my little Rosie,” Betty said tearfully.

“Rose Petal?” a softer voice came.

Rose looked up and watched as a younger man helped her mother Martha out of the carriage, “Mama?” she asked shocked to see her mother after all these years.

“Yes my Rose Petal,” she said and the two hugged finally being reunited after all these years that have passed.

“Oh mama,” Rose said with a smile, “There’s a few special men in my life and a little lady I’d like you to meet.”

Her mom nodded and followed Rose over to the group of men standing along the wall and the little sleeping girl in her daddy’s arms.

“Mama, this man right here holding this little one is my husband Joe Cartwright, the little one is our daughter, your granddaughter,” Rose started the introductions.

“Rosie sure knows how to pick the guys,” Scott spoke up receiving a dirty look from Rose.

“Oh Scott go find a cow and join your family again,” Rose said as politely as she could.

“Nice to meet you Joe and what’s her name?” Martha, Roses mom, asked.

“Hope Marie Cartwright ma’am,” Joe said, “It’s really nice to meet you also.”

“Hope, what a beautiful name,” Martha replied.

“Mama, this is my oldest brother in law Adam, then this one is Eric, but, we all call him Hoss and this is my father in law Ben Cartwright, gentlemen this lovely lady next to me is my mother,” Rose said with a smile making her mom smile in return.

“Nice to meet you ma’am,” the three men greeted.

“Nice to meet you also, so, how has my daughter been behaving?” Martha asked.

“Mother,” Rose said with a chuckle and a smile.

“She’s been a wonderful attachment to the family Miss, she’s helping me keep these three boys of mine in control,” Ben replied with a smile.

“Pa,” all three men said with a chuckle.

“Well, we should head to the house, you’ll be staying at our house for a while, some repairs need to be done to Joe and Roses place,” Ben said holding his hand out for her to take.

“Mama, you know how you’ve wanted Cows to milk?” Rose asked.

“Yes dear why?” Martha questioned in return.

“Well, there are cows at the ranch,” Rose told her and her mother smiled.

“Just as long as you’re not as clumsy as your daughter,” Hoss said with a chuckle.

“What did the little Rose Petal do?” Martha asked.

“She lost her footing and fell right on her but into a pile of cow poop,” Joe said making everyone chuckle, “well, this is our stage coach that we’ll be taking home Martha.”

“Call me mom, since you are married to my daughter and all,” Martha replied as the young man that rode with them placed the luggage on top of the stage coach.

“Oh, Jake, this is my niece Rosemary and Rosemary this is our helping hand Jake,” Betty introduced.

“Nice to meet you Jake,” Rose said kindly as the two dogs jumped into the stage coach ready to leave.

After everyone was ready Ben whipped the reins and the horses pulled the carriage and headed to the Ponderosa.

When they got to the house everyone got out and Rose smiled when she saw Hop Sing sweeping off the front porch. She jogged over and held the dust pan for him.

“Thank you, miss Rose,” Hop Sing told her.

“You’re welcome Hop Sing,” she replied.

“Welcome home ladies and Jake,” Ben spoke with a smile as they all went inside the house.

“What a beautiful house this is Ben,” Martha said looking around the grand room in front of her.

Rose helped take the bags upstairs and Monster jumped on the bed and stretched out and fell asleep.

“Silly boy,” Rose said patting him on the side.

She went back downstairs and saw Adam drawing with a black chalk type stick. She went over to him, “What are you drawing with Adam?” she asked kindly.

“A piece of coal I carved down to a point, you like the picture so far?” he asked and showed Rose the picture of Joe and Hope since they were in the chair across from Adam asleep.

“It’s beautiful so far Adam,” she replied, “is mom and aunt Betty out back with Pa and Hoss?”

“Yes they are, Jake is also taking the tour of the house,” Adam replied.

She nodded and left to the back yard and walked around with her mom and Aunt Betty. She loved having her mother and Aunt around. She’s been wanting to have another lady to talk to but now she has two to talk to.

As they were walking around Martha stopped, “Ma, what’s wrong?” Rose asked.

“My luck isn’t the best and it just showed, dang mud,” her mother spoke with a smile.“

Don’t worry mom, my luck isn’t the best either,” Rose replied and they all chuckled and went back inside the house to sit and talk some more.

A couple weeks have gone by since Roses mom and aunt came to Virginia City. Ben loves the idea of having a couple mother figures in the house for the boys.

“Adam Benjamin Cartwright, set that vase of Violet’s down before the two dog’s trip you!” Martha hollered from the front porch where she was decorating with the help of Adam and Hoss for the small get together Ben’s having.

“Yes ma’am,” Adam said trying not to laugh, he put them down and one Violet fell out. He picked it up and carefully placed it back in the vase.

“Thank you, those are Roses favorite flower, well, they used to be,” Martha spoke up, “I better go see if Betty and Hop Sing need help in
the kitchen.”

“And before Hoss goes in and eats the cookies?” Adam asked making Martha laugh.

“Yes, that also,” Martha told him and entered the living room and saw Joe and Rose practicing the Waltz. She smiled and went into the

“So, Hop Sing, we need a cup of Honey for the cookies?” Betty asked.

“Yes, one cup Honey,” Hop Sing replied with a smile. He liked the extra helper in the kitchen, just as long as it’s not Joe or Hoss who likes to taste everything they make.

“Do you two need any extra help in here?” Martha asked.

“No thanks sis, we got it,” Betty replied.

Martha nodded and went back to the kitchen and saw the picture Adam drew hanging over the mantle of the fire place. She glanced around and saw that Joe and Rose were no longer in the living room. She went outside and the two were sitting at the table talking.

“Joe, are you sure the house will be finished soon?” Rose asked.

“I’m positive it’ll be finished in a month or so, why are you asking?” Joe asked and saw their one year old daughter and her grandfather
picking wild flowers.

“Well,” was all she got out and glanced to see what Joe was looking at, “that’s cute.”

“Yeah it is, so, what were you saying?” Joe asked.

“Joe! Joseph!” Ben called, Joe got up and ran over to Ben.

“Yeah Pa?” Joe asked.

“Do you have that small fishing pole still you made a while ago?” Ben asked.

“Yeah why? Hope’s to young right now to learn to cast a pole,” Joe replied.

“I wasn’t going to teach her son, I was going to let her play with it so she had something daddy made to play with besides the small
horse you carved her,” Ben replied and Joe smiled and went up to the house to go to his room and get the fishing pole.

Martha sat down and glanced at Rose, “Rose Petal, is everything okay honey?”

“Yeah mom just that mine and Joe’s fortune, is turning for the best,” Rose said and heard Adam chuckle, “what Adam?”

“Nothing, just wondering how your luck is turning for the best is all,” Adam replied.

“Good, I got the word right,” Rose said avoiding his question.

Adam just chuckled and finished helping Hoss hang a sign up on the roof above the porch.

“Why is your luck turning for the best?” Martha asked.

“I’ll tell everyone tonight,” Rose replied, got up and went to go see her horse leaving everyone on the porch wondering what was going on.

Everyone on the porch just looked at each other a little confused on why Rose wasn’t letting everyone know until later. Adam just shrugged and finished the decorating for the party.

Everyone gave Rose a confused look as she walked away from everyone. She went over to the roses and when she walked pasted one, the larger prickle on it pricked her on the hand. She brought her hand up to see if she was bleeding, she was thankful that she wasn’t bleeding to much. Hearing a racket from above she glanced up and saw a murder of crows fly over.

Roy came riding in on his horse, “Hey all,” he greeted after his horse was stopped and he was dismounted.

“Hey Roy, what brings you here?” Ben asked kindly as the two men shook hands.

“Just came out to see what everyone was up to,” Roy replied.

“Just getting ready for a small get together is all, anything new happening in town?” Ben asked.

“Just the sleuth is in town investigating a crime that happened in Carson City that’s connected to a few people who are hiding out in Virginia City,” Roy told him and heard Joe chuckle.

Rose was a little confused as she listened in, “a sleuth is also known as a detective,” Joe told her.

“Oh, okay,” was all Rose said with a chuckle.

Everyone chuckled as they were decorating for the party more.

Martha saw the little bit of blood running off Roses hand, “did the prickle on the bush prick you?” Martha asked and Rose just nodded. Martha took a handkerchief from her dress and wrapped it around her hand for her.

“Thank you mom,” Rose said softly.

“You’re welcomed dear, why don’t you go in and get Hope there ready?” Martha suggested.

“Okay, come on Hope, let’s go get into that party dress daddy bought you,” Rose spoke picking her daughter up.

Joe glanced at his brothers who shrugged as if to say ‘don’t ask us what’s going on.’ Joe sighed and went inside and up to the bedroom where he heard Rose and Hope in.

“Hope Marie, knock it off or I’ll smack your butt again,” Rose threatened, “HOPE!” Rose called out then Joe heard crying.

He went in, “everything okay?” Joe asked.

“She kept kicking is all,” Rose said with a sigh, she hated to spank her daughter.

“Hope, you no better young lady,” Joe scolded making Hope hang her head.

“Sorry,” was the only word she said as she hung her head and allowed her mom to dress her rest of the way.

“Rose honey, is everything okay?” Joe asked.

“Yeah, everything is perfectly fine and wonderful,” she spoke with a smile.

“What does that mean?” Joe asked going over to the desk and sitting down, he picked up a book, “A Prickle of Hedgehogs meet A Sleuth of bears?”

“Adam’s writing it for her, he was in a weird mood,” Rose replied, “but, she won’t be the only little one hearing a book written by Uncle Adam.”

Joe put the book down and stopped, “wait you mean?” was all he could get out.

She simply nodded with a smile upon her face, “yes honey, that’s what I mean.”

Getting out of his chair with a smile on his face he pulled his wife up to stand and gave her a hug, “this, this is wonderful,” spoken softly in her ear.

“I, I was hoping you’d be excited,” she told him.

Hope went over to the book, picked it up and took it to Joe, “read me?” she asked.

“Why don’t Mommy and I both sit with you and read it?” Joe asked and she nodded. Joe picked her up and they all went to the bed and sat down.

Joe picked the book up and started to read, “A Prickle of Hedgehogs meet A sleuth of Bears, by Uncle Adam Cartwright,” he read and opened to the front page, “One day Mommy Hedgehog took her prickly pack of kids out for a walk in the woods,
“Okay Kids, stay close,” Mommy Hedgehog told her babies.

On their walk they came across a Sleuth of bears. The mommy bear walked over to the mommy Hedgehog, “how are you today?” she asked mommy Hedgehog.

“I’m doing pretty good with my Prickle of kids,” mommy Hedgehog said to mommy bear, “How are you doing today?”

“Tired, the twins kept me up all night,” Mommy bear replied as they sat down together to watch the kids play.” Joe read and there was a knock on the door, “It’s open,” Joe called.

Adam came in and saw Joe holding the book, “interesting?” Adam asked.

“Yeah, and a tongue twister in a way,” Joe replied with a smile.

“I kinda wanted it that way so when you or Rose read it Hope would laugh more at it,” Adam replied, “Oh, I was sent up here to have you three come downstairs since the guests are starting to show up.”

“Okay,” Rose and Joe said and Hope got up and jumped into Adam’s arms.

He carried her downstairs followed by her mom and dad.

Once they all got downstairs Joe glanced at Rose and lightly smiled her way getting a smile in return.

The party went on without any trouble, Rose and Joe were up in Hope’s room putting her to bed and reading the story to her. Half way through the book Joe glanced over and saw that Hope was sound asleep.

“Let’s go down and get some coffee,” Joe spoke softly.

“Sounds good,” Rose replied as they both got off the bed and slowly left after Joe put the light out.

When they got downstairs everyone but Roses mom and aunt were there, “they were tired and went to bed when you were reading the story to Hope,” Hoss told her.

“Oh okay,” Rose replied and Joe nudged her she sighed.

“Pa, we, we have something to tell you three,” Joe spoke up softly.

“Oh, and what would that be son?” Ben replied.

“Well, in the next few months that book Adam wrote will be read to two kids,” Joe told him in reply.

“You mean?” all three asked and both Joe and Rose nodded, “congrats you two,” they all spoke.

“Thank you,” Joe and Rose replied with smiles on their faces a while later they all went to bed.

The next morning everyone was in the living room talking, “well sons, we all should head out and round up the cattle,” Ben spoke.

“Okay Pa,” they all replied and Joe gave his girls both a kiss then they all left.

Riding through the woods they heard chattering from up above, Joe glanced up and saw a dray of squirrels playing and jumping around from tree to tree. He chuckled as a small acorn fell from the tree and hit a mud puddle.

“Silly squirrels,” Joe spoke as he watched them a little bit more as they rode on.

They came across the cattle they were rounding up, as they were herding them up Adam came across a carcass laying further away from the herd then some of the other strays.

Adam went that way followed by Ben, the two of them got off their horses and knelt down by the carcass, “it’s starting to bloat, it must have been here longer then our cattle have been, I never saw it until now,” Adam spoke.

“Didn’t Roy mention that part of the case that detective is working on is about cattle being killed?” Ben asked.

“Roy did mention that and also that the rest of the guys that tried taking Rose that one day are all in prison for the attempt of taking other woman,” Adam spoke up.

“Really? Well that’s good, now Rose doesn’t have to keep looking over her shoulder anymore,” Ben spoke.

“I was planning on telling her later on tonight, I was going to last night but after the good news we all got, I figured give her good news today would make her week even better,” Adam replied.

Ben nodded as the two of them mounted their horses and rounded up the cattle.

Chapter 10

Rose and Joe were at their house spending time together now that Rose doesn’t have to worry about the guys who attacked her.


Roses mother and aunt are living in Virginia City happy they get to see Rose more then they used to after she left them.


Betty glanced at her sister and smiled, “what’s going through your mind sister?”


“Oh just remembering a time when Rose was little is all,” Martha replied with a smile as she was looking through her bag and found the yellow dress she got rose when she was four, “do you remember the first time she wore this?” Martha asked Betty.


Betty nodded and thought back to that day.


Oh Mama,” four year old Rose said with a smile as her mom dressed her in a brand new yellow dress, “it’s pretty.”


Aunt Betty and I got it just for you, it took us a while to figure out what color to get you,” Martha told her daughter with a smile.


Rose smiled and gave her mama a hug, “thank you.”


You’re welcome dear, well, we have a dinner date tonight, want to wear this new pretty dress?” Betty asked as she did her nieces hair.


Rose just nodded as she looked in the mirror and watched her aunt comb her hair and put it in ribbons.


Betty and Martha smiled and were happy that little Rose liked her new dress.


“That was one fun filled day,” Betty spoke up with a smile.


“Trying to get that chocolate stain out of the dress was the fun part, it took a lot of soaking and scrubbing but it finally came out,” Martha told her and Betty nodded in reply.


“Maybe we should go see how Rose is doing, since we packed some of her small clothes for Hope?” Betty suggested.


“Let’s go,” Martha said, “after we get the clothes for Hope into their own bag that is.”


The two of them packed up the clothing into a new bag with smiles on their faces.


Meanwhile over at The Ponderosa Adam was looking at a book that Joe drew for him when he was little.


Ben entered the room and smiled at the book, “that’s an old book,” Ben spoke as he joined his oldest son on the couch.


“Yeah it is Pa, I got looking though my book shelf and found it, I remember when he gave it to me also,” Adam replied still smiling.

Christmas was finally here, it was the year after Joe’s mom passed away, everyone was still down in the dumps and Joe, he wasn’t really sure what exactly was going on but he thought of a gift he thinks would cheer up his oldest brother.


Rushing to his room five year old Joe grabbed the special gift he made Adam in class. He went down and tapped Adam on the shoulder.


Hey little Joe, what’s going on kiddo?” Adam asked picking his brother up.


This for you, to make you smile again,” Joe’s soft voice told his brother handing him the small package.


Adam sat down on the couch and placed Joe onhis knee. Slowly he took the gift into his hand, “are you sure you want me to open it now kiddo?” he asked only earning a nod from Joe.


Slowly openeing the gift he saw a small book that was titled, ‘My Drawings for Adam’ he knew it was the teachers hand writing but that didn’t matter to him one bit.


Wll, what do we have here?” Adam asked and started going through the pages.


That’s you on Sport,” Joe told him when Adam stopped at a drawing of what looked to be a guy on a horse.


Well thank you Joe, it’s a wonderful gift,” Adam told his youngest brother as the two of them hugged.


“That was a good gift he gave you, the home made kind is better than store bought,” Ben spoke up bringing Adam out of his memory of the day Joe gave him the book.


“Yeah, anything made from him was a special gift,” Adam replied softly, “as long as it kept his mind busy that’s all that mattered.”


“Yes, it was a sad year for all of us,” Ben replied as he looked out the front window and watched as the chickens were running around picking the ground for bugs. “Do you think they have names picked out yet for the new baby?”

“Who knows with them two,” Adam replied unsure on the topic.

The next morning everyone was sitting in the living room but Ben and Adam, no one knew where they ran off to that morning.

Betty and Martha looked between Joe and Rose, they wanted to come out and ask if they have names picked out yet or not, but knowing Rose she has about five for a boy and five for a girl picked out.

A moment later Ben, Adam and Scott, the young man who came with her mom and aunt al came inside the house.

“Pa, where’d you guys run off to?” Hoss asked.

“Well, Adam and I drew up an Indentured this morning,” Ben replied.

“A what?” Joe asked.

“An Indentured, it’s a contract binding one person to work for another for a given period of time, which means until Scott can get his own house built on a section of land here on the Ponderosa he’ll be working here, well I should say, until he gets Martha and Betty’s house and then his own house and then help fix up yours and Rose’s house by helping add more rooms, he’ll be working here, and longer if he wants,” Adam spoke.

“That’s good,” was all Rose could think of to say, she despised Scott a lot. He was beastly to her.


“Well, Mrs. Cartwright, we should head to town and get the things we needed,” Joe spoke up to change the topic seeing the look in his wives eyes.


“Yes we should honey,” Rose replied, “Hope, want to go get some fabric for a new dress?”


“Yes,” was all she said with a yawn.


“Poor girl, if you didn’t hog mommy and daddies bed you wouldn’t be so tired,” Joe joked.


“Nope, you hogged mine daddy,” Hope told him with a giggle getting a chuckle from everyone in the house.


“Well, we better head out, I need to pick up something’s and Rose wanted to get fabric for her new dress and Hopes new dress,” Joe spoke up.


“And the curtains for our room, it’s getting to be nicer weather out so new curtains will be good,” Rose told him.


“Oh yeah, forgot about that,” Joe spoke getting his daughter ready to go.


Rose got ready and after the family was ready to go they headed out to the wagon that one of the workers had Cochise and Shadow hooked up to. They piled in and headed towards Virginia City.


Joe glanced over and Rose, “you okay honey?” he asked.


“Yeah, just had an odd dream last night,” she replied.


“Oh, what was it about?” Joe asked kindly.


“Hope here was a fairy while Aunt Betty, Momma and Mary were Furies,” Rose told him.

“Really, wait Mary as in the saloon girl who flirts with Adam all the time?” Joe questioned.


“Yes her, but the odd part was, you, Pa, Hoss and Adam had to save me from the furies and when I was free Hope kissed me on the cheek and I turned into a fairy also,” Rose told him with a chuckle.


“What in the world were you reading before bed?” Joe asked.


“One of Adam’s books,” she told him.


“That did it, he has some weird books,” Joe replied.


“Yeah, it had a little bit about both the fairies and Furies in it so I must have had that on my mind before falling asleep,” Rose told him.


“Most likely, from now on, no more reading his books,” Joe told her and she just nodded.


“I agree, did Adam ever finish that story he wrote for Hope?” She asked changing the topic.


“that I know of he did, Hoss tried reading it one night, that was funny as ever hearing Hoss trying to read that silly book called ‘A Prickle of Hedgehogs meet A Sleuth of bears’,” Joe replied and Hope was laughing.


“Daddy sounds silly,” Hope spoke making her parents laugh.


“Sometime we should Consort with just your mom and aunt,” Joe suggested.


“Consort? Oh wait, send time with them, you and your big words,” Rose joked, “Sounds like an idea to me honey.”


“I spend too much time with Adam if I’m using big words like that,” Joe replied and the rest of the ride to Virginia City was a silent one.

Chapter 12

A few weeks later Rose, her daughter and her mom were walking through Virginia City on a spending spree. Her mother was helping her and Joe get new curtains, blankets and everything for the house. Rose wanted something new and since the workers Joe hired just got done adding on the two new rooms, she had to get new everything. Well, she thought she did but Joe told her she could.
“Mama, this,” Hope said with a smile holding up a white fabric with pink flowers.
“Pretty baby girl, do you want it for you room?” Rose asked.
“Yes,” Hope replied.
“Okay we’ll get it,” Martha told her with a smile making little Hope smile in return.
“How about this yellow fabric for the baby’s room?” Rose asked her mom looking at a pale yellow fabric with white lace around the bottom.
“Very pretty, it could be the toppers and we could get the white right here for the curtains,” Martha replied.
“Sounds good, now I just need to get blankets or fabric to make blankets,” Rose told her mom and stepped aside to let a guy walk by.
“Sorry miss,” he spoke.
That voice, that deep rough voice sounded familiar to Rose. Shrugging she let it slide knowing the guy who had that type of voice has passed away a week before Hope was born.
“Rosie?” her mom asked.
“Yeah ma?” Rose questioned.
“How about this flannel for winter blankets and this cotton type for summer?” Martha asked glancing at the guy who walked by. She was wondering why Rose was suddenly acting odd, but she figured she’d talk to her daughter about it later on when they are at the house making the curtains and everything.
“I like it, I like how it has both blue and pink in them,” Rose told her with a smile on her face, “now, I have this brown fabric that’s light weight for pillows for mine and Joe’s bed, or should I get something else?”
“The brow will go good since we got the tan fabric for curtains and the dark brown for the top blanket and the tan will also be the lighter weight blankets,” Martha told her.
“Okay, Hope honey, did you get blanket fabric?” Rose asked her daughter.
“Pink,” Hope replied.
“Sounds good, you pick out the pink from next to grammy okay?” Rose told her daughter.
“Okay mama,” Hope replied and went to the pink fabrics next to her grandma, “Gammy, this?”
Martha looked down and saw a light pink, “that will go perfect with the curtain fabric Hope.”
Hope smiled and tired to pull the bundle of fabric out but made the two on top of it fall.
Rose glanced over when she heard Hope say, “tank you,” she saw the same guy helping her daughter pick the fabric up.
“It’s my pleasure little lady,” the guy spoke.
“Hope come here,” Rose called her to daughter.
Hope went over to her mom and she picked her up.
Martha glanced over and saw the guy she thought she’d never see again, Roses father.
“Frank?” Martha spoke up, hoping she was seeing things.
“Well hello Martha, it’s been a while,” Frank said with a smile when he looked up and saw his ex-wife standing there.
“You were killed, I saw you,” Rose told him and felt the tears build up as her mom took Hope for her, “thanks mom.”
“You’re welcome,” Martha told her.
“I had some doc I found rig up a medicine that’ll stop my pulse and all so I could get away, I only wanted you to come to the camel display so we could talk darling, I never wanted to steal you,” Frank told Rose.
“Just, leave me alone,” Rose told him and went to the cashier and bought everything. Her mom came up behind her and paid the young man behind the counter.
“Let’s go home dear,” Martha told her and the three of them headed back to the Ponderosa where Ben said they could make the curtains and everything and also because Ben told them they were staying for supper.
“Did you two pick names yet?” Martha asked on the ride home.
“Yes we did,” Rose replied with a smile.
“And what are they dear?” Martha asked.
“For a boy we picked Nathan Allen and for a girl Francis Maria,” Rose told her.
“Beautiful names, Nathan after your Grandfather, wonderful, where’d you get Allen and the girls name?” Martha questioned.
“Allen was Joe’s grandpa’s name and Francis is Joe’s middle name and Maria is both your middle name and Joe’s mom’s name,” Rose replied softly.
“Beautiful and a great way to put family names together,” Martha told her and the rest of the ride was a silent one.

The beginning of July finally arrived, everyone of the Cartwrights along with Roses mom and aunt were walking the streets of Virginia City.


“Daddy,” Rose hears her daughter giggle. Glancing back Rose sees Joe tickling Hope as they were walking.


“How about we all stop and get something to eat?” Hoss suggested with a smile on his face.


“Sounds good tome,” Rose replied and saw everyone nod in reply.


The family walked into the restaurant for a bite to eat.


Meanwhile back at The Ponderosa, Hop Sing and number two cousin were hard at work making a very special dinner for the Cartwright Family.


No one knew that Hop Sing already bought some fireworks when he was in town, “Tonight we make noise,” Hop Sing spoke, it really wasn’t to his cousin but he nodded in reply.


Joe and Adam were sitting there and Joe saw a poker game going. Rose glanced his way and shook her head no, they don’t have the money for Joe to be blowing on a stupid game.


“Well, when everyone is done we should get the items Hop Sing sent us here for,” Ben replied with a yawn.


“You alright Pa?” Adam asked kindly.


“Yeah, just couldn’t not get to sleep last night with the echoing of the fireworks that someone was setting off, all I heard was Bang, crackle and a whistle now and then,” Ben replied.


“Hope tried to see if she could see them out the window, it was funny with her face pressed up against the glass,” Joe told them making them all laugh.


“How about we pick up a few of the hummer ones?” Hoss asked.


“Sounds good, maybe they won’t bang as loud as the ones that were going off last night,” Ben replied.


When they all were done eating Ben paid for the lunch and they all headed to the store to get some fireworks.


Later that night everyone watched Hop Sing and number two cousin leave the house, no one knew what they were up to or what was even going on at that moment.


A few minutes later Hop Sing came in, “everyone come outside please,” he told them all.


With confused looks plastered on their faces they followed Hop Sing to the front porch. Arriving they all smiled slightly seeing the fireworks lined up to be shot into the air.


“The weather report said it good for fireworks, number tow cousin and I bought some for family to watch,” Hop Sing told them.

“Well, let’s watch some fireworks,” Ben replied with a smile as Hope sat on the porch on the blanket Joe laid out.


The whole Cartwright and Montgomery family sat and watched the fireworks, even though the bangs were loud, Little Miss Hope fell asleep half way through the show.


Rose sat on the porch with her husband and felt the baby kick once and a while, “I think someone else is liking the sounds, every now and then this little one is kicking me,” Rose told Joe with a smile.

“He or She will get used to them when they arrive, since knowing Hop Sing, this will happen every year,” Joe replied and held her close. He placed a hand on her stomach and smiled when he felt his unborn child kick a little, “active little one ain’t they?”

“Just like their father,” Rose joked making everyone laugh.

The sky was filled with flashes of colorful lights, the porch was full of a smiling family. They all were thankful that they were blessed to be a part of the loving family there on the porch.

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