Lay Her Down (by BluewindFarm)


Summary:  How does a Cartwright react when The Soiled Dove Society goes on the hunt for a man of steel?  Written for the 2017 Bonanza Brand R-Rated 11th Anniversary R-Rated Writing Challenge.

This story is sexually explicit, readers who are easily offended should not continue to the story.

Rated:  MA  (2,320 words)


Lay Her Down…

Hoss sputtered and blushed, his eyes nearly popping out of his head as he turned the page to reached the back of the Territorial Enterprise and viewed the entire full-page ad:

“The Soiled Dove Society….

is searching for a man of steel”

Gulping, “Oh Lordy!” he hurriedly refolded the paper, stuffing it between the cushions of the settee as he heard his brothers exit the kitchen.

With a coffee cup in hand, Adam crossed the floor before setting the cup and saucer down on top of the desk to pick up and sort through the mail.  Once satisfied, he inquired about the newspaper.

Eyes surreptitiously moving to the cushions, Hoss quickly answered, “Ain’t seen it.”

“Joe, what about you?” Adam asked.  “Did you take the paper?  I wanted to check on an ad Pa said should be in this week’s paper, I wanted to work up the specifics so Pa could place a bid.”

“Pa, placing a bid?” Joe’s voice rose in its pitch, his face reddened as he fell off the arm of the settee.  Glancing at his middle brother he noticed he too was uncomfortable over Adam’s inquiry.  ‘Hoss knows.’

Adam shook his head after not receiving an acceptable answer, “Hoss don’t tell me you lost the paper on the way home from town.”

Scrambling to his feet, Joe eagerly offered, “I can ride into town to buy another copy.”

“Ya sure that’s a good idea, Adam?” Hoss interrupted, his eyes focusing on his youngest brother, ‘Joe done seen it.’  He remembered back to what happened with Lotta and with Julia, and gave an inward groan.

Seeing the eagerness in his youngest brother’s eyes and having heard rumors of a different kind of ad, “Well, we’ve plenty of work with the existing contracts to keep us busy.  It was just something Pa had thought about; it’d probably stretch our resources too much if we won the contract.”  Settling into the chair and pulling out one of the journals from the center desk drawer, “No need making a special trip to town just for a newspaper.”


Several days passed before a Cartwright son made an unscheduled trip to Virginia City, his curiosity having gotten the better of him.  He watched one of the young ladies exit the Soiled Dove, better known as Maudie’s, and head to the Enterprise office.  After reappearing, the young woman in question made her way to the livery.  Moments later she sat astride a red roan mare and rode out at a brisk pace.  Giving rein to his horse, he leisurely followed her trail.


Maudie said she didn’t see me as the type of girl who’d entertain men upstairs, she knew I came out west on the false pretense of a respectable job waiting for me.  A man offered me a job as a nanny to his two young children.  What he wanted was someone to play foot loose and fancy free after he’d gotten his wife pregnant, again.  I’d never involve myself with a married man.  So I slapped his face and left San Francisco; only making it as far as Virginia City before I ran out of money.

I told Maudie I had no family to ask for financial help, so she hired me to work downstairs.  But serving drinks and making small talk with Maudie’s customers only pays so much a week.  And I need to earn more money if I have any hopes of returning home to New Bedford, Massachusetts.

I spoke with Geraldine on how to convince Maudie that I could be one of her doves; and I can’t believe what she and the others did. Though it seems they’re the only ones benefiting from the newspaper ad.  It’s been ages since Maudie’s has been so popular. But still, I’m not allowed upstairs.


When he rode into the clearing, I felt myself swoon.  Honestly, it’s just not possible to ignore a man like him.  Even those church bluebloods, who look down their noses at the likes of me, see him coming and begin tittering behind fans while trying to make it look like they’re averting their eyes.

If only…  Dreaming and sighing, wishing life was different; I cast my lot to Fate.  I know I’m pretty, but not the kind of girl he would take home to meet the family.  I mean, what kind of woman am I?  Here I am wishing it could be him to teach me what I need to know; and now he’s here.

Coiling his gun belt and setting it aside, he looked carefully around before unbuckling his pant belt and slipping it from its loops.

What I wouldn’t give for my fingers to slip the buttons loose and slide the shirt from his shoulders.  The garment fluttering to the ground as my hands tentatively touching him.

His sitting down revealed a streak of white previously hidden by the waist of his pants; a stark contrast against his bronzed skin.  Skin that glistened in the early evening sun.  Skin that covered well-defined muscles.  Muscles made strong from years of ranch work.

Pulling off his socks, he wadded each one up and shoved it into the boots he’d previously removed.

Standing once more, he looked around while moving his hands to his waist and unfastening his pants.  Slowly, they fell to his ankles before he stepped out of them; surprisingly kicking them aside.

What? He’s sauntering into the lake.  Oh come on!  There’s no one out here.  Shuck them manly unmentionables!

Some yards into the water, he dove forward and disappear from view; it set me to wondering about my luck. Drats! Moments later he popped back up, shaking his head.  Water flew from his hair while chest muscles rippled.  My heart fluttered as the last vestiges of his clothing went sailing through the air, landing in a wet plop near his boots.

My cheeks blushed, my heart pounded.  It’s not like my reputation would be ruined any more than it already is.  Besides, I was in the water first.

Slipping beneath the surface, with long, languorous strokes, moving through the water like a fabled mermaid.  I couldn’t help but appreciate the view presented below the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe.  Yes, so much like the Greek statue of David.

As I rose before him, from the expression on his face, he probably imagined I might be the Lady of the Lake come alive, like in that poem by Sir Walter Scott.  Water sluiced from my long hair, down my shoulders; rivulets trickling back to the lake as I hesitated to show myself any farther.  Dare he make the next move?

Work-worn hands gently encouraged me further from the waters and swept my hair backwards to expose my own white flesh; soft mounds previously pressed above a low neckline, while a sequined dress hid the rest.  Circling, we appreciatively eyed the pleasing form of the other.

It could only be described as rapture when he reached from behind and took the weight of my breasts into his hands; thumbs and forefingers teasing the tips into pert peaks.  Without warning, he pulled me backwards, bearing my body as we floated into deeper waters.  Looking over my shoulder, his fingertips lifted my chin.  My lips found themselves captured by his, his tongue sought entrance; playing tag with mine.

His rumble begin low and deep, a throaty growl I presumed was yearning.  I felt the growing bulge against my back as his hands roamed lower, passed the flat of my stomach, to the fullness of my hips, ending where no respectable woman would allow a man to venture until their wedding night.  One finger and then two, my breath became ragged.

Too soon we parted.

Turning over, I looked into eyes as deep as the sun-warmed waters in which we tread.  With a wiggling, ‘come here’ movement of his index finger, I accepted the invitation to let my hands roam, seeking to return the pleasures.  Muscles trembled and hardened beneath my ministrations.

Lifting me up, I rose from the water.  Tenderly carried to the bank, he lay me down on a bed of soft pine needles.  Rising over me, he rained kisses along my jaw, my neck and then, his tongue lavished attention to my breast.  Nipping, teasing, and suckling before endearing the same kindness to the one neglected.  My back arched of its own volition, as he took more of my flesh into his mouth.

His eyes held fast to mine as his hand slipped lower; willingly my legs parted.  A finger and another reignited the fire within.  Moments later, he lifted my pelvis and buried his face in the fleshy folds that Eve used a fig leaf to hide.  Deeper his tongue plunged, driving me to heights never experienced, never dreamed, never known.  Screaming “YES!” with all I was, I lost myself to the pain and the ecstasy rolled into one.

Once again I found myself lowered to the pines.

Mischief reflected in his eyes, his manhood pulsed against my thigh as he lay beside me.  I’d heard Maudie’s girls hint of things they’d done, wondering if it could be true, could I be so bold.  Would he allow, would he accept, would he enjoy.

Slowly maneuvering myself, pushing him to lie back, I focused on the prize; that which I had previously seen in the waters.  The skin stretched across his stomach prickled as I maneuvered into position.  Like a cascading waterfall my long tresses hid from view my taking of him.  The earlier growl turned to a mighty roar while my tongue ran up and down his length and over the top; ultimately I took his full measure deep into my mouth.  I even swallowed the sweet nectar of the Gods that he couldn’t contain.

Gasping for breath, we lay side by side as the stars twinkled in the darkening sky.

Enthralled at the pleasures that went far beyond what others said a woman had to endure; hands returned to tenderly roaming and caressing.  And then he settled his weight on top of me, his legs separating mine, his hand taking hold of his bulging shaft.  His eyes asked, I nodded.

As I said, the good women of Virginia City already thought the worst of me, so why not enjoy what they wouldn’t dare dream.

Whispering, he asked me to trust him, saying it would only hurt briefly, and then a whole new world would be ours to enjoy.  Guiding his manhood to my womanhood; I tilted my pelvis as he slipped in.  My core warmed with each gentle push, and then he breached my maidenhood.

Our passions soared as our sexual desires took control.  I grabbed his white ass, demanding more.  Throwing his head backwards and raising up on his arms, his hips drove faster as I welcomed each thrust; his shaft pulsed deeper, over and over, before letting loose his seed.  Eventually collapsing, his body spent.

Legs still entwined, he pulled me close and nuzzled the nape of my neck.  A venturing hand sent tendrils of pleasure across my flesh.  He showered gentle kisses on rose-colored, pert tips which beseeched attention.


Shifting closer, he mentioned how fortunate he was to know I worked at Maudie’s and to have found out about the ad.  He spoke of how I’d stolen his heart with my sweet smile and the subtle sashaying of my hips when I would walk along the boardwalk; proud even in the face of the glare from the town’s womenfolk.

He’d visited Maudie’s a few times since I’d been in town, but I’d never seen him go upstairs.  He made mention of wanting to see more of me, but kept himself in check; even after I would lean over just so to place his drink on the table top.  When I asked why, he said Maudie had warned a friend of his away from me; and no one went against Maudie.  At least no one who wanted to return.  Remembering the man who occasionally sat across the table from him, Maudie’s warning didn’t surprise me.


His words, combined with a dazzling smile and tender touches made me realize he hadn’t been looking around to make sure he was alone, but had sought where I was. Teasingly, he asked if I thought he was man enough for the job.  I wanted to tell him he was over-qualified, but how would I know.  I had just lost my virginity to him.


Night had settled over the land before he felt her slowly leave the warmth of his arms; returning to the waters to swim along the shoreline to where he was sure she’d left her clothes earlier in the day — before his arrival.

Come morning, he’d have a word with Maudie to make arrangements to make sure she took no one upstairs; he wanted it known that he was staking his claim as her man of steel.

He looked forward to being the only one to lay her down and softly whisper pretty love words in her ear.  Lay her down and tell her all the things a woman loves to hear.  He’d let her know how much it meant just having her around.

Smiling contentedly and rolling over to his back, hands behind his head, he whispered, “Oh darling how I love to lay you down.”

And maybe someday… but that’s a different story.


~The End

Author’s Note:

Which Cartwright, I leave that to your imagination.

Inspired by I’d Love to Lay You Down.  Performed by Conway Twitty / Written by Johnny MacRae:

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Author: BluewindFarm

A dressage rider who's a cowgirl at heart.

Though I wasn't old enough during the heyday of Westerns on TV, with the introduction of cable and satellite services in the 1980's, I fell in love with Bonanza, Lancer, The Big Valley, The Rifleman, and The Wild, Wild West, among others. Through syndication and fan fiction; our heroes will live on forever.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories I've written, and look forward to reading your comments.

20 thoughts on “Lay Her Down (by BluewindFarm)

  1. Loved this little tale.
    I’m torn between two lovers, either the youngest or the oldest Cartwright.
    I know which one I would prefer to shuck his ‘unmentionables’ ?

    1. Beppina, I’m right there with you; torn between two brothers! ? Thank you for reading this ‘naughty’ little tale, and for taking a moment to leave a comment.

  2. How lucky I am to have my font enlarged! I loved this story and know just what Cartwright it was. So cleaver to leave that up to the reader. Steamed up my glasses.

    1. Neano, glad your fantasy could come true within my response to the challenge. Glad our man was up to the challenge too. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment.

      And welcome back to the Library. We missed your comments.

  3. Naughty, Bluewind Farm! That is quite a story you created for all of us to indulge in. ? As others have mentioned, the concealment of the Man of Steel’s true identity was inspired. Thanks for contributing this story to the challenge.

  4. Oooh, clever… did you have a particular Cartwright in mind, or are you leaving it up to our imaginations? I know who I want it to be! 🙂 Your story ticked so many boxes – a certain Cartwright swimming in the altogether, passion on the banks of the lake… Nice!

    1. SC, as for which Cartwright, I leave that up to the reader’s heart’s desire. (The good news is that we know this ISN’T Jamie Hunter Cartwright 😆 )

      Thank you for enjoying this submission for the Bonanza Brand Anniversary R-Rated Challenge, and for letting me know. 🙂

  5. BWF… I didn’t know you had it in you! That was… yummy. I know which Cartwright I had in mind and you described him perfectly. What a lucky girl! *dreamy sigh*

    1. Beej, here I was thinking I was tamer this year in response to the challenge than last year. Glad I could capture your dream come to life within my story. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment.

  6. I’m really gad someone responded to the challenge, BWF. If I was swimming underwater in the lake, that’s what I’d like to see too! What an image! If only….

    And, yes, yes, yes! Shuck them manly unmentionables! Cartwright men don’t need them!

    Great fun, BWF. Hoping we had the same Cartwright man in mind though…

    1. Inca, it appears you had as much fun reading as I had writing. I’ll leave it up to you on which C was applying for the position. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment.

    1. Jojay, I’m only hoping Conway isn’t rolling in his grave over this. Thank you for reading and taking a moment to leave a comment.

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