I Think of You (by SJRCartwright)

~*~*~ Advent Calendar ~*~*~
* Day 24 *

Summary:  Remembering the family gathering together to open their gifts one Christmas morning.

Rating:  G  600 Words

Note:  This story was written for the Bonanza Brand 2020 Advent Calendar, originated in the Forums.

I Think of You

He sat on the hearth; the fire, now smoldering embers, cast a soft glow on the Christmas tree.  He held the letter in his hand.  This was not the first Christmas Adam had been gone.  Hoss remembered that last Christmas before Adam left for college.  Everyone had gathered Christmas morning to open gifts.  Joe, being the youngest and still a child opened his gifts first.  Then Hoss.  Then it was Adam’s turn.  Marie and Ben approached Adam.  Ben said, “Adam, I know you have a special dream, and we would all like to be part of making that dream come true.”  Adam looked quizzically at Marie and Ben.

Marie spoke:  “Joe, give Adam your gift.”

Joe eagerly handed Adam a rectangle box, wrapped as only a child can wrap a package.  “I hope you like it, Adam.  Pa and Ma helped me pick it out for you.”

Adam opened the box.  It contained several brand new pencils, a shiny new metal sharpener, and a locking wing compass.  “Thank you, Joe.  These are wonderful gifts.  You know how I like to draw things.  I will use them well.”

Hoss stepped up to Adam.  His gift was also a small rectangle.  Opening it, Adam drew in his breath.  A beautiful gold pen lay inside.  It was not a new pen, but one Adam had seen Ben using when working at his desk.  He knew the pen had been a wedding gift to Ben from Inger.  “Pa said I could give it to you because you could really use it and would really like it.  You knew my mother, but I didn’t.  It’s like she is giving the gift to you.  Wish your Ma could give you a gift, too.”

Adam nodded and gave his brother a hug.  Tears glistened in Adam’s eyes as he looked at his father.  He knew what the gift had meant to Ben.  And Hoss.  Adam looked at his younger brother through new eyes.  What kind of man would this generous-hearted little boy grow up to be?

“Well, Adam, there is one more gift from Marie and me.” Ben held out an envelope to Adam.

Gently, with questions in his eyes, Adam took the envelope from Ben.  He read the contents.  Then slowly read them again.  Adam had been accepted to a distinguished university in the east, and because of his high grades, had won placement in the elite architectural engineering college.

The next Christmas, Adam was not home.  He had sent presents from the east and a letter to all of them.  He talked about how much he loved being in college, the friends he had met, the things he was learning.  There was special note to Joe telling him about the magnificent horses he had seen.  To Hoss, he said, “….and I am using the gold pen you gave me.  I think of you whenever I use it.”


This Christmas, several years later, Adam was half away across the world in Australia working with a group of architects and engineers to build structures in a city called Canberra.  He had written to Ben about his life in the new land.  To Joe, he had talked about all the pretty women there and he had met a few who were very nice.  To Hoss, he talked about the strange animals.  And, he said, “I am still using the gold pen you gave me.  I think of you whenever I use it.”

“Merry Christmas, Adam,” Hoss whispered softly.  “Come home soon.  And keep writing lots of letters.  Whenever we receive letters from you, I think of you using the gold pen.”


Character:  Hoss
Gift:  Gold Pen


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Author: SJRCartwright

I am an original Bonanza fan, starting at about eight years of age. My favorite is Adam. I love anything Western. I live in modern Colorado, but often research the state's history when I am writing. I love anything Bonanza, and I love anything with Pernell Roberts.

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  1. Very nice! I always like the idea of Adam in Australia. 🙂 And a nice tying together of the past and the present. Thx so much for sharing this story.

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