Grandfatherhood (by AC1830)

Summary: Ben reflects on the wonder of being a father and a grandfather. A Father’s Day tribute.

Rating: K, Word count: 518



What a rush of emotions I have felt this night while I awaited the birth of Adam’s child, my grandchild. Now, as I hold my granddaughter just hours after she was born I find I have not lost my touch for soothing one so small. While this is my fifth grandchild, Anna Grace is the first one to be born on the Ponderosa, in fact in the United States. Adam’s other children were all born in Spain thus making this child a bit more special to me. She will be the first one I get to hold and bond with from  the very beginning. 

As I gaze at this sleeping angel whose small head is nestled in my hands and whose tiny feet rest against my body, I am unexpectedly reminded of another angel that filled my hands forty-two years ago. 

It was terrifying for me to hear Elizabeth’s moans and cries as she struggled to bring our child into the world, fighting against her poor health. When all grew quiet and the doctor called me up to see her and to meet our son, nothing but joy filled my heart as I flew up the stairs. While Liz rested, the doctor handed me a tiny babe wrapped so tightly in a blanket that all I could see was his head. His hair was as dark as mine but his hazel eyes matched his mother’s and his tiny lips had a cupid-bow shape that was just like his mother’s. Little Adam studied my face as I studied his. In those precious first moments something about him entwined my heart creating a bond that would be tested many times over yet would never break. 

When Liz awoke and called me to her side, Adam cooed and squirmed in my shaking arms. I sat carefully on the bed trying not to jostle it and laid our son in Liz’s waiting arms. At that moment I knew my life would never be the same. I felt an overpowering love for my wife and for this new little life we had created with that love. I have never forgotten that moment in time when it was the three of us, and that image has sustained me through my life.

Feeling wriggling movements in my arms, my thoughts are drawn back to my waking granddaughter. While memories of those first moments with her father took me back through time, this new little one had snagged my finger with her petite hand and now refuses to let go. As our eyes meet, her rosy lips curl upwards and she gurgles. This little one not only has found my finger, but has found my heart. 

Utterly lost in the cherished and few moments I have had with this little bundle of joy, I failed to notice my son’s approach. He now stands tall before me as I place his daughter into his arms. For a moment Anna Grace is shared between us, and Adam and I exchange understanding looks as we silently acknowledge how wondrous it is to be a father and a grandfather.



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Author: AC1830

Like many, I grew up with Bonanza. I'm an Adam gal from the beginning but I love all the Cartwrights, Candy and Jamie. In 2015 I reconnected with Bonanza through forums and also found my love of reading and writing fan fiction.

16 thoughts on “Grandfatherhood (by AC1830)

    1. Thanks Chris. He would make a wonderful grandfather, wouldn’t he? Glad you enjoyed this little peek into the future.

  1. A perfect little vignette. No dialogue, but so much feeling between grandfather, father and babe. Lovely AC.

  2. What a precious scene you’ve painted here! There’s nothing quite like holding your own grandchild in your arms as a baby. Ben has so much to be thankful for.

    1. Thanks wx your lovely comment, and for reviewing here as well. I tried to imagine what might go through his mind since he longed for grandchildren for so long.

  3. A perfect story for a rainy Father’s Day afternoon.! The feelings you captured is what most fathers and grandfathers probably felt upon holding their family’s bundle of joy.

    1. Thank you, Chavel47. I always enjoy your comments, and especially how you viewed this little story. I’m glad this brightened your rainy day.

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