Holiday Collection – Halloween

Listed below are Halloween and/or supernatural-themed stories written by our authors.

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A BOOnanza Tall Tale (by jfclover)

Summary:  A simple trip to town to pick up supplies turns into something unexpected for Joe and Hoss.
Rated: G  Word Count:  3930

A Howl in the Night by AnnieKCowgirl

Summary:  A WHN/WHI for the episode My Brother’s Keeper. Joe finds himself lost and alone in a forest, but is he really as alone as he thinks he is?
Rating:  T –  1,300 words

A Night on His Own by Frasgirl

Summary:  This story is my contribution to the 2012 Michael Landon’s Birthday Literary Challenge to write a spooky story. On a foggy All Hallows Eve, Joe has made camp by himself. What possibly could be out beyond the fog?
Word Count:   1,686   Rating:  K+

Adam’s Last Days by BettyHT

SUMMARY:  Adam is suffering from a mysterious malady, and his days are growing short. Hoss gives Joe a clue to solve the mystery, but what Joe discovers is a horror. Most appropriate for the Halloween season.
rating = T word count = 1438

All Hallow’s Eve by Ljlover2001

Summary:  Joe stays in town, after the Halloween dance, to enjoy a game of poker with his friends, but soon wishes he had gone home with his brothers.
Rating:  K+  1,960 words

And Hell Rode with Him by EPM

Summary:  It’s late October and the boys are out on the range. Will a stranger take one of them away?
Rating:  K+  (3,550)

Banished! by AC1830

Summary: The fury of a woman scorned leaves a deadly trail and there is only one man who can stop her.
Rating: T+, Word Count: 947

Bedeviled by Freyakendra

Summary:  Even a good friend can become one of the “bad guys” when he lets himself get bedeviled.
Rating:  T Word Count:   2,500

Bloodlines by AC1830

Summary:  This is a what-if story for Halloween.   Adam’s son loves to read.   After reading a forbidden book, he discovers a dark family secret.
Rating: – T   Word count – 1949

Bloodlines #5 – Poltergeist II by pkmoonshine

Summary:  Adam’s two children arrive in the company of their maternal grandmother to join their parents for a summer vacation on the Ponderosa. Their arrival sets off a chain of inexplicable, frightening events in the Cartwright household.
Rating:  K+   (80,249)

Brothers, Above All by Freyakendra

Summary:  While the Civil War pits brother against brother, a night on Hell’s battlefield pulls Joe and Adam into a fight that only one can survive.
Rating:  T Word Count:   3,000

Campfire Legends by HelenA

Summary:  Three brothers, a campfire, and ghost stories on All Hallow’s Eve.
Rating:   K+  8,690 words

Confessions by Bahj

Summary:  While Ben enjoys a night out, his boys unwittingly let him in on their less than noble plans.
Rated:   Family Friendly / Word count:   1159

Curse of the Blue Dress (The) by Patina

Summary:  One little dress, so much trouble.
Rated: K+   Word Count:  4802

Dead of Night (The) by PSW

Summary:  Little Joe has an unsettling night.
Rating:  G  Word Count:  633

Dead Men Tell No Tales by AC1830

Summary – October challenge – write another worldly story involving one or all the Cartwrights. The unthinkable has happened – all four Cartwrights are dead!
Rating – K, Word count – 2045

Devil’s Angel (The) by Ansinico

Summary:   Halloween Night Fright
Adam Cartwright’s account of the conspiracy and chain of events that led up to the night of the 31st October 1852.  We knew what had to be done. We knew that in a civilised society we would be deemed as murderers, assassins . . . .  What had driven three law-abiding men—Sheriff Roy Coffee, Doctor Paul Martin and I—to become co-conspirators?  We let you, the reader, be our judge and jury. You tell us, would you have done things any differently?
Rated: T  WC 2525

Fool’s Gold by Patina

Summary:  Gold and greed are a volatile mix.
Rating: T  Word Count=4843

For the Soul is Dead that Slumbers by Freyakendra

Summary: A Tale told in 2 parts:
Part I: The Darkest Hour: When Joe is missing, he’s not the only one trapped in darkness.
Part II: No One: Even after Joe comes home, a part of him remains lost.
Rated: T Word Count: 22,500

From Ghoulies and Ghosties by Rona

Summary: Something Adam says while he’s telling ghost stories to Joe and Hoss triggers an amazing experience for Joe. Was it real? Or did he dream it? Anything’s possible at Halloween.
5,780 words   Rated:  T

Ghost Hunters by deansgirl

Summary:  Do ghosts exist?  Well, Little Joe is about to find out and Adam and Hoss are ready to teach him a lesson.
Rated: K+  3,260 words

Ghost Town by SusanG

Summary:  It’s Joe’s turn to make the trip to Hawthorne, as Ben continues to repay a twenty-year old debt.  Unknowingly, Joe encounters more than he bargained.
Rating:  T    26,240 words

Ghost Town by the Tahoe Ladies

Summary: Eerie happenings in Virginia City.
Rated: K – Word count: 3158

Ghost Wagons by GinnyF

Summary:  Tall tales? Ghost Stories?  Or did it really happen?
Rating:  K+   850 words

Girl with Red Hair (The) by Inca

Summary:  Robbed and left for dead at the roadside, Adam and Joe are forced to take shelter from a storm in an abandoned house.  Injured himself, Adam struggles to keep his brother alive.  But the house has a past, and it returns to haunt them…
Rated: T  WC  9500

Girl in the Blue Dress (The) by debpet

Summary:  Joe’s encounter with an attractive young lady takes a turn into the unexpected.  Something for the Halloween season.
Rated: K+   WC 1100

Halloween Campfire Stories by BettyHT

Summary:  What is there to do on a dark and rainy evening on a fall cattle drive than to tell spooky stories to entertain each other.  Some have humor, some have mystery, and some have a bit of a fright factor.
Rating = T  WC = 11,760

Hallow’s Eve by DebbieB & JennieA

Summary:  Just when you think it’s safe to go to a Harvest Barn Dance.
Rated:  PG   10,080 words

Hallow’s Eve by JennieA & DebbieB

Summary:  Just when you think it’s safe to go to a Harvest Barn Dance.
Rated:  PG   10,080 words

Hangtown Nightmares – by BettyHT

Summary:  Appropriate to the Halloween season, Adam has nightmares from a troubling experience he had while visiting Placerville.  It affects his relationships with his family, but the nature of the dreams means he cannot discuss them with his family and must face the issue alone.  Although there is nothing specific, there are implications of sexual behavior so this is a warning if that offends you.
Rating = R/Mature  Word count = 1888

Haunted by Freyakendra

Summary:  After Little Joe’s testimony helps put a noose around the neck of a murderer, his nightmares are nothing compared to the reality that comes to haunt him.
Rated: T  word count: 25,450

Hellbent by Wrangler

Summary: Ben and Joe have a layover in the town of Hellbent. That’s where the highly logical patriarch of the Ponderosa, and his highly illogical son, Joe, get a good dose of what a ghost town is all about. Some screams and laughs in this comedy/horror story.
Rated: K  WC 14,000

Hollow by Freyakendra

Summary: Some people have devils on their heels, chasing them every step of the way. Others invite the devil to walk with them, right in their shoes. When Joe meets a man in chains for doing exactly that, he soon becomes devil’s bait in a deadly endgame for the man’s hollow soul. Can good overcome evil when the devil holds all the cards?
Rated: T Word Count: 19,600

Honey Tomb (The) by Bahj

Summary: A dark and mysterious cave, a whispering pendant, and a ruthless enemy.  It’s just an old legend, right?  **Halloween Story**
Rated: PG-13 for scariness.  Well, sort of  / Word count: 3510

House on Kay Street (The) by Bonanzaluver

Summary:  Adam and Joe are asked to fix up an old house for a friend of Ben’s who is about to move in to it. What they find is that there is someone or something opposed to their doing so. A little Halloween story narrated by Joe that I made last year.
Rated: K+  3,200 words

Howling at the Moon by PBeaking

Summary:  Joe becomes concerned that his brother may be something other than human after reading a book about the behaviorisms of non-human beings. When Adam gets wind of Joe’s beliefs, he decides to have a little fun with younger brother.
Rating: K+  WC  5300

Journey (The) by Dodo

Summary: 2010 Halloween Challenge: Injured and alone Ben prepares to take a journey.
Rated: K+ Word Count: 5050

Ladykiller by SassyBrass

Summary:   Joe is found in a ravine with mysterious injuries. He has a dark journey into his own memory to discover how he got there and why his brother is in danger.
Rated:  T  WC 7800

Le Collier d’Or #1 by KateP

Summary: Strange things start to happen on the Ponderosa after the Cartwrights find a necklace belonging to Marie.
Rated: K+  6230 words

Le Collier d’Or #2 – Eloise by KateP

Summary: Joe and Adam thought they had seen the last of Eloise. Seems they were wrong. A Halloween story.
Rated: K+  8,730 words

Little Girl in Pink by Sibylle

Summary:  Adam meets a little girl on the road to Virginia city that he better never found.
Rated: T  WC 600

Man with My Face by JennyG

Summary:  Adam picks another dubious friend, and the Cartwrights find themselves held in thrall by a being that brings out the dark sides of their natures. A Halloween story.
Rating:  T  18,650 words

More Than a Friend by Dodo

Summary: A Tale for Halloween. Joe has an eerie experience while alone on the mountain that has far reaching implications for Ben.
Rated: T Word Count: 9153

Night Music by DJK

Summary:  Adam is surprised with a little night music. A story for the Halloween season.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1471

Ole Daniel by DJK

Summary: Each of Ben Cartwright’s sons had a meeting with Old Daniel. Only Hoss realized the danger they faced when they did.
rating T word count 3126

On this Night by Bahj

Summary: Ben is lying on his death bed when three ghostly visitors from the past step in to change the course of fate.
Rating K+ / Word count 1,410

Our Little Town by PSW

Summary:  Little Joe and Mitch show off their school project.  Written for a Pinecone Challenge  June 15 , and expanded for the Michael Landon Birthday Challenge.
Rating: K   Word Count: 1490

Payback by Storm

Summary:   This is my story for the Halloween challenge.
Rated: K+   3300

Poltergeist by pkmoonshine

Summary:  A cruel taunt sets off a chain of unsettling events at the Cartwright homestead. Prequel to Poltergeist II, but NOT part of the “Bloodlines” Series.
Rating:   K+  (15,325)

Purgatory by Freyakendra

Summary:  After Joe is attacked by Apaches in an incident that threatens a fragile peace, he is left hanging somewhere between life and death, between Heaven and Hell, and, more importantly, between Army soldiers and Apache warriors on the verge of war. How long must his family watch before the risk of waiting outweighs the risk of action? With Ben facing the ultimate sacrifice, Adam drawn into a fight to the death, Hoss preparing for the worst, and Joe praying for the unthinkable, this is a tale of strength, courage and the limits of human endurance.
Rating:  T  WC 9600

Sanctuary by HelenA

Summary:  Taking refuge in an abandoned barn, Ben and Joe encounter something not of this world.  A story to be read around a campfire on Halloween.
Rating T   7,350 words

Scarecrow (The) by pbeaking

Summary:  The Cartwright boys build a scarecrow for the Harvest Festival. Little do they realize how one scarecrow on display in the middle of the schoolyard could cause such trouble.
Rating:  K   4,060 words

Shadows by Freyakendra

Summary: Men who hide in shadows can be the worst kind of monsters, as Joe discovers one night when he’s home alone.
Rating: T Word Count: 13,500

Sisters of No Mercy (The) by Ansinico

Summary:  This time of the year, halloween, horror, because of adult situations,  language and possible blood and gore l have rated it MA but it’s not too naughty…if it’s not your thing just don’t click in.
18,150 words  Rating:  R

Snake in the Grass by Patina

Summary: Paradise is almost gained for one Cartwright. Written for a Halloween challenge. My words were: Paul Martin, chains, snake.
Rating: T. Word count 761

Spirit Canyon by Belle

Summary:  The brothers are pursued into Spirit Canyon where they face a powerful and unpredictable foe.
8,820 words   Rating k+

Spirits of the Dead by JennyG

Summary:  Forced to overnight in an ancient burial ground, the Cartwright sons meet up with the unexpected – living and dead. A Halloween story.
Rating:  T  11,410 words

Stronger Bond (The) by Bahj

Summary: The Cartwright brothers fall under a powerful spell that threatens not only a life, but also loyalty.
Rated: PG / Word count: 3290

Terror Stalks the Night by Patina

Summary:  As day ends the fight to survive the night begins.
Rating: T  Word Count=2738


There are More Things by KateP

Summary:  It’s Halloween on the Ponderosa and Ben has a visitor from England.
Rated: K+  6,610 words

Things that Go Bump in the Night by Cheaux

Summary: Did you ever wonder why Joe was obsessive about hunting creatures of the night in My Brother’s Keeper and Marie, My Love?
Rated: T  WC 2500

Ties that Bind #8 – When Worlds Collide by JC

Summary:  Unexpected guests arrive at the Ponderosa on Halloween night. Written for the Michael Landon 2017 Birthday Challenge, it includes a re-imagining of events depicted in “The Strange One”  Season 7 .
Rating:  K+  3702 words

Trick or Treat by the Giggly Sisters

Summary: Introducing the redhead’s children as guest stars in this Giggly Sister Special for Halloween.
Rated: K+   (2,100)

When the Autumn Moon is Bright (by McFair_58)

Summary:  Adam goes looking for his little brother in the woods on All Hallows Eve and finds more than he bargains for.
Word count: 2497  Rated: PG

Witches Coven #1 by Rona

Summary: Joe is invited to a birthday party on Hallowe’en. Spooky goings-on culminate in near tragedy.
Rated: T  10,465 words

Witches Coven #2 – Witch Hunt  by Rona

Summary: A sequel to The Witches Coven
Ben returns home with bad news for the family, but Joe in particular. Patty is once more at large.
Rated: T  9,850 words

Witches Coven #3 – Jock by Rona

Summary: This is the story of the mysterious Jock, the ranch hand mentioned in The Witches Coven and Witch Hunt.
7,405 words   Rated: T



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