Holiday Collection – 2017 Advent Calendar

A big thank you to faust for organizing our Second Annual Advent Calendar with the members of the Bonanza Brand Forums.

Thank you to all the lovely people who contributed to the  Advent Calendar:

DJK, BluewindFarm, PSW, faust, BettyHT, Truthwriter, Justafan,
Patina, Sierra Girl, thepurplewriter333, A_Starry_Night,
Foreverfree, AC1830, Puchi Ann, Inca, Belle, Sibylle, Indiana,
Cheaux, mumu74, Questfan.

Below is a listing of the Advent Calendar stories and their author (click the title to open).

Day 1 – And It Came to Pass by DJK

Day 2 – Of Winters Past… by BluewindFarm

Day 3 – A Cartwright Christmas Carol – Part 1 by PSW

Day 4 – A Cartwright Christmas Carol – Part 2 by PSW

Day 5 – Night of the Star by faust

Day 6 – A Child was Born by BettyHT

Day 7 – Christmas in July by Truthwriter

Day 8 – First Born by Justafan

Day 9 – A Voice in the Night by Patina

Day 10 – Shepherds by Sierra Girl

Day 11 – The Real Hero by the purplewriter333

Day 12 – Lords a Leaping by A_Starry_Night

Day 13 – A Cartwright Christmas Carol – Part 3 by PSW

Day 14 – A Lesson in Miracles by Foreverfree

Day 15 – A Heart of Hope by AC1830

Day 16 – A Performance to Remember by Puchi Ann

Day 17 – Unto Us a Son by Inca

Day 18 – Our Little Piece of Snow-Covered Heaven by BluewindFarm

Day 19 – Aunt Agnes’s Dilemma by Belle

Day 20 – A Cartwright Advent by Sibylle

Day 21 – Christmas Time by Indiana

Day 22 – Christmas Magic by Cheaux

Day 23 – Baby from the Forrest, Baby from the Heart by mumu74

Day 24 – Angels, In Spite of it All by Questfan



Note 1: The Advent Calendar is hosted and first published in the Bonanza Brand Forums; and even though some of the contributions might not meet the Brand Library eligibility guidelines, the requirements were waived for these creations since we wanted to share the entire Calendar with our readers.

Note 2: For those participants who have author status, readers will be able to leave a comment at the end of the story.