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Valentine’s Day Journal (by Storm)

Summary:   This story was written in response to the Valentines Day challenge I hope you all enjoy it.

Rated:  MA  WC 4700

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A Taste of Strawberries (by iceangelmkx)

Summary:  Joe and his girl have a little fun with strawberries.

*Written for Ma Hoad’s Valentine R Challenge!*

Warning!: Contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature.  Please be advised before reading!  

Rated: MA WC  6700

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Playing With Fire (by Donna)

A story created as the result of Ma Hoad’s Valentine R Challenge. Joe confronts Don Miguel’s hot-tempered daughter Margarita…..and what happens surprises them both.

Rated MA (2,500 words)

*Warning* This story is rated for Mature Audiences only…. if you are offended by sexual content, please do not read.

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