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Shenanigans (by LC)

Summary:  The best mishaps are the ones you can laugh about.

Rating: K  Word count: 660

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the return (by LC)

Summary:  When you’re gone for a while, the atmosphere can shift…

Rating: K  Word count: 601

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The Painter (by LC)

Summary: Joe receives a very special gift and learns to follow his dreams, with some surprises along the way.  

Rated: K  (3,110 words)

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To the Sky (by LC)

Summary:  A glimpse of life with the Cartwrights as seen by an injured bird. A prequel.  

Rated: K  WC 1400

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Zeus (by LC)

Summary:  Thunderstorms can be scary things. . .unless one has a big brother to make it better. A prequel.  

Rated: K  (1,100 words)

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