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Dear Readers,

Due to a few overzealous readers in the past, it has been years since Becky has written for Bonanza.  Please do not plead for ‘more of the story’; these comments will be deleted.

~The Brandsters


A Camping Trip – by BeckyS

Summary:  Adam takes four-year old Little Joe on a camping trip and a lesson in vocabulary.
Rating:  G  2,400 words

Becky’s Bonanza World Challenges Anthology – by BeckyS

Summary:  The vignettes contained within were written in response to challenges issued in the long-gone Bonanza World website.
Rating:  G

Cave-in (The) – by Becky S

Summary:  I wrote this as a Ponderosa story, but it fits in the Bonanza world as well.  Warning for claustrophobics.  Which I nearly was after finishing writing it
Rating:  T   6,100 words

Christmas Presents – by BeckyS

Summary:  A last-minute shopping trip almost ends in tragedy.   Christmas morning finds all marveling in the blessing of family.
Rating:   G  2,740 words

Daughter of the Night  by BeckyS

Summary:  This story takes place approximately twenty years after the events in the episode “Bushwhacked” and was written after the Tahoe Ladies ‘Borrowed Time’.
Rating:   T  1,520 words

Dru – by Becky S

Summary:  Understanding finally trumps anger and hurt after a Cartwright rights a wrong.
Rating:   G  660 words

Field of White – by Becky S

Summary: Shortly after his 16th birthday, Joe finds himself taking on responsibilities he couldn’t foresee.  And now, it’s up to him to help his oldest brother out of a deadly situation.
Rating:  T   24, 700 words

Ghosts of Christmas Past – by Becky S

Summary:  A Later-season story with Candy and Jamie memories … or are they?
Rating:  G   3,700 words

Least Dreaded (The) – by BeckyS

Summary:  He used what he had at hand to save himself; now he pleaded, “Don’t let him kill me.”
Rating: T  1,460 words

Mountain Eagle – by Becky S

Summary:  Hoss and Joe work to figure out what’s troubling Adam.
Rating:  G   2,000 words

Pure Heart (The) – by BeckyS

Summary:  The strength of ten in one.
Rating:  G    1,430 words


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