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A Rainy Day Tale (by MissJudy)

Summary: Marie and Ben’s attendance at a funeral in town leaves Adam at the Ponderosa to watch six-year-old Hoss, and seven-month-old Little Joe. The day of babysitting gets started with only minor difficulties, but takes a frightening turn as a late-season thunder storm hits the area, trapping the parents in town overnight, and making the boys rely on all that they’ve learned to get by alone.

Rating: K   Word Count: 12,862

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Santa’s Helpers (by Patina)

Summary: An intruder takes advantage of an innocent little boy in order to rob the Ponderosa.

Rated K+


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Always With Me (by BettyHT)

Summary: Little Joe wants a solo hunting trip, but he won’t be as alone as he thinks he is when he gets his grand adventure.  Story features Joe but Ben and Adam have prominent roles too.

rating = T  WC = 1346

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You Just Wait and See (by DebbieB)

Summary: When Little Joe tries to keep his friend from getting in trouble things go all wrong for the youngest Cartwright.

Rated PG  WC  26,000

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Swimming (by pjb)

Summary: When a friend dies unexpectedly, fourteen-year-old Joe struggles with grief, loss, and the age-old question: “Why?”  

Rated PG  WC 18,000 

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Counting Mistakes (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  How many mistakes could he make in one afternoon? 

Rating:  K  (1,415 words)

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The Most Eligible Bachelor in Nevada (by DJK)

Summary: “Adam is going to kill me.”  A school-age Little Joe tells you why in this modern era Cartwright story.  Warning: references to literal corporal punishment and figurative fratricide

rating: teen for mature references  word count: 4584

The Most Eligible Bachelor Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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Kiss and Tell (by DJK)

Summary:  A dance, a kiss in the moonlight, and once more his brothers are tasked with saving Little Joe .

rating:  mature for references to adult themes and corporal punishment

word count: 4,454

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All The Fun Of The Fair (by Sibylle)

Summary:  Ben and Adam visit a small fair on their way West.   Prequel 1835

WC: 670     Rating: K

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Just the Way They Are (by BettyHT)

Prequel. After Adam returns to the Ponderosa from college, Joe harbors a lot of jealousy of Adam and it colors all of his interactions with his oldest brother.  The trip home from a cattle drive and a series of unfortunate events will begin healing the rift between the brothers.

WC = 8613  Rating:  T

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