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Conversations (by PSW)

Summary: A series of utterly random, (hopefully) humorous conversations written as responses to Pinecone Challenges this year.

Rating: K     Word Count: 4051

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The Great Baby Switch (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  Bored boys, left to their own devices, can come up with wild ways of passing the time, and when the bored boys are Little Joe Cartwright and his friends, Virginia City is in for quite a fright. 

Rating: K Words: 5,068

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When Worlds Collide (By JC)

Summary:  Unexpected guests arrive at the Ponderosa on Halloween night. Includes a re-imagining of events depicted in “The Strange One” (Season 7).

Rating:  K+ (3702 words)

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Joe Cartwright – Magician! (by Questfan)

SUMMARY: A Bonanza story celebrating that fun side of Michael in his role as Joe Cartwright. Make it scary, funny, or dramatic . . . or all three!

Rating: K Word Count: 660

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Spring Fever (by Ginny F)

Summary: In the episode “The Pure Truth” Hoss is suffering from spring fever ( the family is also suffering from the effect on Hoss ). Joe remarks to Ben and Adam that Hoss could step on you and not realize it and mentions Hoss breaking his, Joe’s, leg the previous spring. I thought there should be a story behind that.

Rating:  T Word Count:  1,860

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Our Little Town (by PSW)

Summary:  Little Joe and Mitch show off their school project. 

Rating: K   Word Count: 1490

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The Silk Handkerchief (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: The Cartwright sons are chatting around the campfire on the last night of a cattle drive and looking forward to having some time off.

Rating: K+  Word Count: 1040

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Men of Steel (by Inca / aka Tye)

Summary: Joe and Hoss answer an advertisement in the Territorial Enterprise that leads to the job of their dreams – or so they hope!

MA rated for sexual content

2780 words

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Guarding the Henhouse (by JC)

Summary:  A too-pretty girl, a Saturday night dance, and a little moonlight mischief.  Not to worry—Adam’s got it covered. (Part of the Ties That Bind AU series)

Rating: T  (2870 words)

Ties That Bind Series, links to stories of this series included.

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Advice (by Belle)

Summary:  Advice sought and given, but why bother.

Rated:  K+    Word Count:  5,764

Aunt Agnes Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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