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Though She Be But Little (by McFair_58)

Summary: A slight mishap brings the old Indian blanket that hangs on the stair rail to Joe Cartwright’s attention.  His questions bring odd looks and just a little bit of pain. When his Pa breaks down and tells him the story of how the blanket came to be there and what it means, Joe realizes he will never look at his mother the same way again.

Rated PG-13

Word count: 17,653

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Hard Headed Woman (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Marie would do anything to protect her sons, anything…including this.

Rating: K+

Word Count: 737

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Adam’s Last Days (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: for the October challenge to write an out of this world story. Adam is suffering from a mysterious malady, and his days are growing short. Hoss gives Joe a clue to solve the mystery, but what Joe discovers is a horror. Most appropriate for the Halloween season.

rating = T word count = 1438

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A Blissful Night in Harmony (by Cheaux)

Summary:   Plain grub and a lumpy bed were all Ben Cartwright expected when a storm prevented his return to the Ponderosa.  Set in 1882, this is an Alternative Universe story. Rated:   MA (Mature Audience)  Warning:  Explicit language of a sexual nature.  If you are…

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Studio Executives #3 – The Roberts Dilemma (by pjb)

Summary: The studio executives have two problems. First, one of their stars wants to leave a hugely successful show. Second, his fans won’t allow it.

Approximately 1,600 words. Rating: PG.

Studio Executives Series, links to all the stories included within.

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Nevermore (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: A prequel story in which a fishing trip by two young brothers is the catalyst for an important father/son conversation.

Rating = pg Word count = 2533

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The Squirrel’s Stash #3 (by Questfan)

Summary: A few more Pinecone Challenges for my pet squirrel to gnaw on. Each chapter has a lyric prompt and had to be no more than 500 words.

Word Count: 8885 Rating: T

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Through Fiery Trials A Pathway Lies (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: After the loss of Hoss and Joe’s wife, Alice, the Cartwright family is facing yet another tragedy.

Rating: T Word Count: 10476

Warning: Character death

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The Road Not Yet Taken (by AC1830)

Summary: A crossover story (Bonanza and High Chaparral) for the August 2018 challenge. The Cartwright brothers head to Mexico on a cattle-buying trip. While there Adam meets someone who will change the path of his life, but will it be a path he desires?

Rating – K
Word count – 18,500

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Only Fifteen (by PSW)

Summary: A short WHN for ‘He Was Only Seven’ — a moment on the way back home.

Rating: G  Word Count: 1863

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