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First Love, and Tragedy (by BettyHT)

Summary:  This is a prequel to the Traci series of stories from several years ago.  This story is to explain briefly Adam’s relationship with Traci and why it ended so abruptly.
Rating:  T   Word Count:  2637
The Traci Series, links to all stories included within.

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Eagle’s Nest (by Sierras)

Summary:  It is spring, and the winter has passed. Five-year-old Little Joe wanders off to find his mama who died a couple of months earlier. This is about the incident that is referenced by Ben to Little Joe in the episode “Between Heaven And Earth” written by Ed Adamson

Rating G

Word Count: 3,184

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A Father’s Parable (by Missjudy)

Summary: When Ben finds Adam to let him know it’s time to head home from a neighbor’s party, he can see that his son is upset and trying to hide it. Although his son won’t offer any information, Ben suspects Marie knows what happened, and once home, they’re able to put together the pieces of what 15 yr old boy overheard, and why he looked so stricken. The truth makes Ben seek Adam out for a father-son talk.

Rating: K           Word Count: 6024

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A Simple Life (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Marie takes a moment to contemplate her life: past, present, and future.

Rated: K+ for mentions of death

Word count: 592

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The Frail Branch (by McFair_58)

Summary: A tale for our times.  17 year old Adam Cartwright is sure he’s up to taking care of his two younger brothers while his Pa and Marie head into town.  And he would have been, had an unseen and deadly enemy not come to call. 

Rated PG-13
Word count: 20,692

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Missy (by AC1830)

Summary: At a time of great sadness, one lost soul helps another. 

Rating-K, WC-4150

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MARIE (by Bakerj)

Summary: What if Marie hadn’t died? Would it be the happy ever after for the Cartwrights, and most of all for fifteen-year-old Little Joe, who struggles to find his place in the family.

Rating: MA (References to adult themes and situations.)
Total Word Count: 56,191

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Duets (by DJK)

Summary: This sequel to “The Duet” has Martha Louise singing with both Adam and Hoss one fine Easter.
Rating: K+ word count: 2666

Duets Series, link to all stories are included within.

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Being Hoss (by AC1830)

Summary – In a brotherly moment Little Joe receives some wisdom from his middle brother.

Rating – K, Word Count – 1776

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Difficult Roads (by McFair_58)

Summary: Ben Cartwright’s young sons are under threat. Could a secret long buried be the reason? And if so, just whose secret is it?

Word Count: 66,559

Rated PG-13 for racial slurs and western style brutality and violence

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