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Spirit Child (by AC1830)

Summary:  On his way home, Joe encounters a Spring snow storm and has to wait it out in a line shack. He has a visit from an unusual child who tells him troubling things about Adam, who has been gone for years.  Adam, in the mean time has suffered a great loss and has returned home. He and Hoss head into the mountains to meet with Joe.  Joe is desperate to get to Adam when he learns from the child that Adam has been injured on his way to the shack.  The brothers reconnect but soon learn the child is part of a terrible tragedy in Adam’s life. Will Adam find healing or more sorrow on his way home with his brothers?

Word count – 8814     Rating K+

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A Still Small Voice (by MissJudy)

Summary:   Adam has been away at school for two years when he starts having vivid dreams about his youngest brother. He wonders why his memories center around Little Joe even while he misses his entire family. What he is about to find out will shake his certainty about many things and make him look for a clue hidden in his dreams.

Rating: K (Word Count 22490)

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Halloween Campfire Stories (by BettyHT)

Summary: What is there to do on a dark and rainy evening on a fall cattle drive than to tell spooky stories to entertain each other.  Some have humor, some have mystery, and some have a bit of a fright factor.  Some may be familiar but keep reading because there’s more added.  

rating = T  WC = 11,760

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The Devil in Disguise (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Learning bits and pieces of the past enforces a difficult lesson regarding thinking before one acts, and the need to hear both sides of a story before reacting. With the family poised to fall apart, can harmony be restored? 

Rating: T (16,235 words)

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The Scarecrow (by pbeaking)

Summary:  The Cartwright boys build a scarecrow for the Harvest Festival. Little do they realize how one scarecrow on display in the middle of the schoolyard could cause such trouble.

Rating:  K  (4,060 words)

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The Lady in the Shadows (by DJK)

Summary: Young Adam tells his new mother about the lady in the shadows.

Rated: K+    Word count: 1141

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Night Music (by DJK)

Summary: Adam is surprised with a little night music. A story for the halloween season.

Rated: K+  Word count: 1471

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Little Girl in Pink (by Sibylle)

Summary:  Adam meets a little girl on the road to Virginia city that he better never found.  

Rated: T  WC 600

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Howling at the Moon (by pbeaking)

Summary:  Joe becomes concerned that his brother may be something other than human after reading a book about the behaviorisms of non-human beings. When Adam gets wind of Joe’s beliefs, he decides to have a little fun with younger brother.

Rating: K+  WC  5300

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The Sisters of No Mercy (by ansinico)

Summary:  This time of the year, halloween, horror, because of adult situations,  language and possible blood and gore l have rated it MA but it’s not too naughty…if it’s not your thing just don’t click in 🙂

Rated: MA   WC 18,100

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