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Never, Ever Mess With His…..? (by AC1830)

Summary – Why is Adam in the dirt at Hoss’ feet?  Hoss is not going to like the answer. 

Rating – K, WC – 823

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A Christmas Journey (by AC1830)

Summary: As three of the Cartwrights are making their way home for Christmas, Ben becomes ill.  Adam and Hoss find a rancher willing to give them refuge from the cold and snow.  Little do they know, their rescuer has a connection with another journey the Cartwrights made many years earlier. Ben, Adam and Hoss find they’ve come full circle in their Christmas journeys.

Rating = K, Word Count = 8705

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A Heart of Hope (by AC1830)

This story was written for the 2017 Advent Calendar – Day 15

Summary:  The Miracle of Christmas lifts the veils of grief.

Rating:  G   4,830 words

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A Merry Heart (by AC1830)

Summary: While Joe is missing his brother at Christmas, a friend’s tragedy gives Joe a new perspective on the Christmas spirit. 

Rating – K, WC – 1281

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Blessings of Friendship (by AC1830)

Summary: After a last minute cattle drive that almost drove Hop Sing away, can the Cartwrights hope to have a calm Thanksgiving? Perhaps with a little help from some friends.

Rating – K WC – 1288

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Bloodlines (by AC1830)

Summary: This is a what-if story for Halloween.  Adam’s son loves to read.  After reading a forbidden book, he discovers a dark family secret. 

Rating – T, Word count – 1949

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A Brother’s Heartache (by AC1830)

Summary: In She Walks in Beauty, Regan Miller nearly destroyed two brothers’ relationship.  So what happened from the time when Hoss nearly beat Adam to death to when they reunited in Virginia City? A missing scene, or two, for She Walks in Beauty.

Rating K+, Word Count 1430

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A Brother’s Treasure (by AC1830)

Summary: One brother says good-bye to another.

Rating – K, Word count – 1446

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Shadows of Friendship (by AC1830)

Summary: In The Paiute War, Adam and Young Wolf, son of Chief Winnemucca, were once friends. What made Young Wolf end his friendship with Adam, although Winnemucca continues it with Ben and Adam? 

Rating – T, Word Count – 4799

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Takin’ a Break (by AC1830)

Summary: When July rolls in like a flaming freight train perhaps it’s best to just kick back and have a little fun.

Rating: K   Word Count: 922

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